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'Moonshiners' Star Tickle Reveals He Married Bounty Hunter Who Once Tracked Him Down

Discovery Channel
By Gary Trock

"Moonshiners" star Tickle now has one of the best How We Met stories about his new bride -- she was the bounty hunter who tracked him down after he jumped bail! And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Blast obtained an exclusive announcement from Discovery Channel, that Steven Ray Tickle, one of the stars of "Moonshiners," recently tied the knot. Introducing Mrs. Carol Tickle to the world with a video, the reality star explains how the two met and what sparked the romance.

Mr. and Mrs. Tickle

Discovery Channel

"We're excited to let everyone know we just got married!" Tickle announces as he reveals his bride to the "Moonshiners" fans during a BTS feature.

Carol Tickle is a bail bondswoman and realtor, and the couple explains how they first got hooked up.

"She hunted me down six years ago," Tickle admits.

He explained, "She says she was hunting another fugitive, but it appeared the only place she was putting any work in was me." The reality star definitely has a twinkle in his eye when he speaks about the work his now-wife put into hunting him down when he was a fugitive.

Was There Moonshine?!

Discovery Channel

As for the wedding planning, Tickle said it was very easy for him, as he "just had to show up."

He admits Carol did all the planning, and she explains that the couple was also purchasing their first home together at the time, and she had to balance both the wedding and the real estate deal.

Fro making the centerpieces to handling the closing costs, Carol was the star and took care of everything for her new husband.

However, the big question was how much moonshine was brought to the reception. Tickle confirmed that his cohorts brought along quite a bit of the ol' White Lightning and set it up along the bar to get everyone nice and toasty.

The Current Season


It's very fitting that Tickle is now on a new path in life as he forges ahead and creates his own family, as the current season of "Moonshiners" is about returning to the stars' roots and leaning on the skills learned from their ancestors as they craft their shine stills.

Tickle had tried to go legit for a while but realized the outlaw life was just too hard to give up and he teamed up with some of his old friends to seek out the famed still sites up in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

"Moonshiners" airs Tuesdays at 9 PM on Discovery.

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