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Halle Berry poses on the red carpet

Halle Berry Is 'No Bra Club' In Top 2019 Pics: Includes Sweat-Drenched Abs & See-Through Wet Shirt

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By Rebecca Cukier

Halle Berry has shared her top nine favorite photos of 2019 on Instagram. The Oscar-winning actress took to the platform on Monday with a post chronicling the year's highs – let's not forget that the "Bruised" star was literally bruised as she suffered an injury in a fight scene for her upcoming MMA movie.

It'll get sexy with Halle, but it's never too provocative – that's best left to Kylie Jenner and the lingerie "thirst trap" she posted over the weekend.

Opening With A Soaking Wet & See-Through Wet Shirt

Halle Berry poses in a wet shirt
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle opened her post with a celebration of femininity. The star was seen rocking a soaking-wet and see-through white tank top, appearing braless. "No bra club" was written across the shirt.

The second snap brought out Halle's washboard abs – and these abs are on a whole other level. Halle had lifted up her training shirt to reveal her sweat-drenched torso. A reminder, it would seem, that this 53-year-old has the abs to rival starlets half her age.

Washboard Abs & A Topless Pic

Halle Berry shows off abs
Halle Berry/Instagram

Topless photos from Halle aren't your conventional type. Halle's post included one as her fifth image, showing her statement back tattoo as she posed shot from behind. Other images included Halle's red carpet moment at the Golden Globe Awards, a desert snap, plus a mash-up video highlighting her famous career moments.

Halle also appeared in selfie mode (yes, she keeps up with trends), with her iconic James Bond ocean exit also featured.

"Thank you for riding with me on this platform. I appreciate you and that special feeling I get from ALL of you. Happy 2020!! ✨♥️✨ #TopNine," Halle wrote.

Instagram Goes Wild


And why wouldn't they? Let's face it, Halle is smoking hot, her career is still at solid A-Lister, and she's got one slamming body.

Halle's post managed to rack up over 172,000 likes within its first hour. Jada Pinkett-Smith and "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Rinna left her a like.

Oh, and then there's the fans.

"Yessss Halle," one wrote.

"Stay that way," another user told the star.

"I wanna say sumn reaeal thirsty but I'm uh keep it cool, happy 2020 Halle, you still look amazing" was another comment.

Prepping For 2020: Eyeing Up 'Another Jiu-Jitsu Belt'

Halle Berry poses in a sports bra
Halle Berry/Instagram

Halle has already been eyeing up 2020. Her Friday Instagram post even mentioned her shooting for another Jiu-Jitsu belt.

"Happy #FitnessFriday everyone! I can’t believe it’s been another year of setting goals and smashing them with this incredible community," she wrote, adding:

" I have found that quiet meditation each day, even if for only 30 minutes, really helps me stay aligned with my fitness goals. Next year, my intention is to earn another belt in Jiu Jitsu!"

Halle may have been photographed with a black eye on December 20, but there's no denying it. This hottie's still got it.

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