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Kanye West Approves Of T.I Testing His Daughter's Virginity! Calls It 'God Approved'

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It seems like Kanye West is taking his fellow rapper's side, after a controversial statement went viral on social media. Several weeks ago, T.I, an American rapper made some weird comments about his daughter's virginity and revealed that they go for a test at a stipulated time to make sure that her virginity is still intact. This caused a ruckus on social media as fans thought it was disrespectful for T.I to reveal such information online. His daughter also seemed displeased at what he did, and called him out on social media.

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Although T.I, speaking with Jada Pinkett Smith on her show called "Red Table Talk," explained everything he meant in his message, fans did not spare trolling him on social media platforms. While everything seemed to be blowing off, Kanye West stirred the pot again when he mentioned during a sermon that what T.I is doing with his daughter, is approved by God. The rapper decided to host a special gathering, in celebration of his one-year Sunday Service and a lot of people were in attendance.

Kanye West looks adorable as he sports a blue jack with inner-wear and pant to match
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The event held at Skid Row in Los Angeles, on December 29, and according to reports, there was a massive crowd at the location. During the event, Kanye West addressed the congregation beautifully, and brows were raised when the rapper talked about the incident with T.I and his daughter online. In his speech, West defended T.I's honor regarding his comment about his daughter's virginity, and said that fans got it all wrong. He went further to sat that what T.I did and said is approved by God.

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In his speech, West did not expressly reveal which of T.I's comments he was defending, but fans came to a conclusion. Some months back, T.I revealed via his Instagram page that he is always in the company of his 18-year-old daughter anytime she wants to check her hymen at a gynecologist's. He also revealed that the doctor explicitly told him that the hymen can break without engaging in sexual activities. But, T.I insisted that since Deyjah, 18, does not engage in any kind of sports, nothing should go wrong with it.

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Since the news of West's reported speech went viral, no one has been able to present the actual video showing when the rapper saying these words, however, fans are skeptical about what the rapper means by 'God Approved.'

Kanye West has recently become a strong advocate for the gospel, and we can see that from his 2019 album titled "God Is King."

Do you think Kanye West isn't letting the sleeping dog lie on T.I's case? Tell us what you think below in the comment section.

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