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T.I. and Kanye West performing on stage

2020 Needs To Be The Year Of No More Masculine Toxicity

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Ona L

2019 was the year of calling out some of the most toxic males in the industry. The likes of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Bryan Singer, T.I. and R. Kelly were knocked off their highest of horses and brought back to reality. Some are facing criminal charges and others are facing the social media jury. One of the more recent incidents of toxic masculinity that we have experienced these last few months was Atlanta rapper T.I. announcing to the world that he has his daughter’s hymen checked. You know just to make sure that she is still a virgin.

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T.I. and wife Tiny at event
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This comment had a lot of people chiming in on what was said and whether they agreed or not. Jada Pinkett-Smith even invited T.I. and his wife onto her popular Facebook TV show “Red Table Talk”. The rapper insisted that his comments were taken out of context. First off, he made it clear that the comments were made in a joking manner. "I think all of this surrounds a conversation that I was having in a very joking manner, when asked how do I deal with parenting in this day and age. And so I just began to, you know, from a place of truth, I began to embellish and exaggerate." Then he made sure that people knew he had no intention of backing down.

Kanye and Kim West at Innovator Awards show
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Recently rapper Kanye West co-signed T.I.’s comment. While celebrating the one-year anniversary of his Sunday Service on Skid Row in LA., West said. “They tried to play T.I. but he’s talking about something that’s God approved.” West wasn’t specific about what they tried to “play” T.I. about but let’s keep it one hundred, there is a slim chance he isn’t talking about something else. The dad of 4 including 2 daughters of his own has never shied away from controversial topics in fact, it seems like he welcomes them. He has been called out for objectifying women, making multiple comments about his own race and in a move that might be the biggest upset to the culture, he supports Trump, openly… loudly.

T.I. on stage
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T.I. Defended his comments as being a “false narrative” that people are running with but at the end of the day he said it out of his own mouth knowing he is a public figure. This type of narrative is one that has been floating around in celebrity culture since being a celebrity was a thing. It’s interesting that someone as controversial as West is throwing his comments around seeing as he is supposed to be staying away from drama.

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The backlash that T.I. experienced from fellow public figures like Chrissy Teigen who said, “[Definitely] did not think we would be talking about hymens today or T.I.,” she followed up with “alright it's time to mute "hymen"”. She was joined by Iggy Azalea who was more concerned with the podcast hosts who let him continue "I really wish the women who interviewed him would have said something to him. He has serious control issues with women in all aspects of his life & needs therapy." Even Ellen Barkin jumped in on the conversation "I have bad news for T.I., after 6 months of vaginal Hyman broke."


Moving into 2020, celebrities like this and their comments are going to continued to be called out and that’s kind of amazing. Toxic comments are being tolerated less and less thanks to the likes of celebs who stand up for themselves and use their platforms to draw attention to the messed-up things taking place in society. Unfortunately, for celebrities, like T.I., Kanye West, Piers Morgan, Tekashi 6ix9ine and a whole host of others, 2020 seems like the year to pipe down. The year to right wrongs and shed some of that controversial skin. #notoxicmalesin2020.

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