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Iskra Lawrence Reveals She's a 34DDD During 6-Month Pregnancy Update

By Gary Trock

Model Iskra Lawrence is experiencing all the joys of pregnancy as she recently crossed the 6-month mark. Throughout her journey, she's been sharing everything with fans online, and being etremely honest in the process. As she wraps up her second trimester, Iskra filmed a YouTube video detailing the physical changes she's experiencing in hopes of informing others.

Explaining her motivation on Instagram, Iskra let fans know about the "body update" video and shared some words on the process of putting it together.

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6 Months

@iskra / Instagram

"I wanted to share my perspective as everyone’s journey is unique, my body is changing so much in totally new ways - it’s fascinating." she captioned a video from a recent pregnancy photo shoot.

Iskra continued, "As someone whose experienced body dysmorphia and disordered eating I wanted to talk from a recovery point of view and hopefully help you feel more comfortable on this journey too."

The 29-year-old British model, who is an ambassador for the lingerie and intimate apparel brand, Aerie, kept it casual and informal during her YouTube video update.

Apologies for the Framing


Wearing a lacy black bra and her hair up in a towel, Iskra addressed her fans in her usual upbeat manner while explaining that she's wanted to "do the video for a while," and wished she had done some more pregnancy updates.

She also included a message apologizing for the poor framing in the beginning of the video, as most of her head was cut off.

"apologises [sic] for my framing I’m not a pro at the tube and I was on the solo struggle bus tryna prop my phone up and film this lil video for you. But rather share it than wait for the ‘perfect video’ lol," she wrote.

Big Changes


"My boobs have gone up a back size, and at least a cup size already," Iskra explained while detailing the changes she's going through.

She continued,"I can probably expect they're going to go up at least another cup size and another back size," revealing that she is currently a 34DDD.

"For the first time in my life, it's been hard to get lingerie," she admitted. However, the model is making it work and says she's able to fit into her Aerie products.

Iskra also detailed some other issues she's dealing with, including skin irritations and marks, but she's taking it all in stride. Most importantly, Iskra says she understands that she's living healthy and is not worried about getting more curves, because she knows she's staying fit and keeping the baby's health her top priority.

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