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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Son, Joseph, Shows Off His New Year's 'Pump' In Ripped Muscle Shots

@projoe2 / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Joseph Baena isn't leaning on some lame New Year's resolution until he hits the gym and gets in shape, because the dude is already crushing his fitness goals before the ball drops on 2020. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 22-year-old son posed down on his Instagram page after an intense lifting session at the legendary Gold's Gym in Venice. It's the same gym Schwarzenegger regularly trains at and has been home to countless other famous bodybuilders and athletes as many consider it the Mecca of muscle training.

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@projoe2 / Instagram

Baena was striking down a pose and showing off his guns in a similar fashion to one of his father's famous poses from the Mr. Olympia days.

"Anyone else gonna go into 2020 with a sick pump? What are you training on NYE?" he captioned the shot.

Baena, who recently graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in business administration, has been working hard in the gym. Many times, he can be seen working out with his father, as Arnold still regularly gets in his fitness routine, even at 72 years old.

Like Father, Like Son


Joseph Baena was the love child between the "Terminator" star and his former housekeeper Mildred "Patty" Baena. Schwarzenegger was able to keep his son a secret by setting up Patty with a home in Bakersfield, however, the affair was made public in 2011 and Schwarzenegger copped to cheating during his marriage to Maria Shriver.

Schwarzenegger has financially taken responsibility for Joseph and his family over the years, and after the story went public he now shares his love for Joseph with the world.

As for his marriage, Maria Shriver filed for divorce years ago but the two have never officially settled things. However, they make it work and regularly attend family functions together, even though both of them have moved on to other relationships.

Never Skip Leg Day

@projoe2 / Instagram

Of all Schwarzenegger's children, Baena has shown a love for bodybuilding and appeared to develop a real bond with his father over the sport. The 22-year-old has turned himself into a behemoth and has shown an interest in following his father's famous footsteps into the world of bodybuilding. He regularly shares his progress on social media and fields workout tips from fans.

"Been training real hard to grow these legs. Still got a ways to, but just very happy with the improvements I’ve made in the last year. What improvements have you made this year?" he recently wrote while showing off his impressive legs.

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