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David Beckham stuns in a silver-black two-piece suit, and he looks amazing

David Beckham Faces Backlash From Fans Over Cooking Claim

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Really? Did David Beckham have to pretend to cook in a video he shared with his fans online?

David Beckham, a retired successful soccer player recently gained the attention of his fans on social media, but the response was definitely not what he anticipated. Fans are very supportive of their favorites, but when it comes to calling he or she out for the wrongs that they do, most fans do not hesitate to go down that road.

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Recently, Beckham's wife, Victoria shared a lovely video of her husband, carving a turkey like a professional chef would, and captioned it;

"Christmas dinner with the Beckhhams."

Everything was going great as some fans applauded David Beckham's cooking talent, but things went wrong after a while. He was immediately accused of faking his cooking prowess as fans spotted a popular chef behind him in the video. Now, fans want to know why the actor faked his cooking talent. Although the picture of the chef is not really visible, fans could still tell that it was one.

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Fans also believe that the video was just a show-off, as [Beckham]9 was reportedly trying to take the glory of the chef's work. Would he do that though? Although this video did not sit well with some fans, others came to the footballer's defense immediately. One fan commented that it was a Christmas cheer, and he had no idea why people were getting serious about it. Another Twitter fan mentioned that the video was funny because the chef behind Beckham was watching him carve up Turkey wrongly.

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Christmas was no doubt amazing with the Beckhams, as they shared amazing pictures online that featured their children. One of the photos showed the sportsman and his wife wearing matching pajamas with their four children, as they opened Christmas presents, and they looked amazing. One of the gifts from Dave and Victoria to their kids was a furry puppy that looked adorable.

Were fans too quick to judge the video based on what they saw? or were they right to think that David Beckham was faking it in the video? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Some news outlets fueled the suspicion that the ex-footballer was faking his cooking skills as many of them asked questions like;

"Private chef? Or you think becks cooked it himself?"

Many fans expected David Beckham to react to the accusations about him faking his cooking talents, but he did not. After a lot of backlashes from fans, the video was taken down.

Fans may come at a celebrity, not because they do not love him or her, but because they think they are wrong. But now, it seems like Beckham's fans are the ones who were wrong.

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