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Elizabeth Hurley Is Sneaky & Sultry In Cleavage-Baring Ninja Suit

@elizabethhurley1 / Instag
By Gary Trock

Elizabeth Hurley went from Hollywood star to ninja stars when she held a shinobi-themed holiday party. The 54-year-old model and actress showed off a bunch of photos from her party, which revealed her dressing up in a very sexy ninja outfit.

Hurley took to her Instagram account on Friday evening to share the Far East festivities, which included all guests dressed up as ninjas. The "Bedazzled" star was seen wearing a skintight leotard with the chest expertly cut out, putting on a busty display that was anything but stealth.

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Ninja Hotness

@elizabethhurley1 / Instagram

Hurley paired her outfit with a black mask and hood, as well as red lace wrapped around her body. She also wore the insignia of a dragon, which must belong to whichever sexy ninja guild she belongs to.

She captioned the photos of her and the other guests, "Ninja Night," and used the hashtag "Xmas."

Even though the star tried her hardest to be undercover, her dazzling blue eyes couldn't be hidden beneath her ninja ensemble ... as well as some of her other recognizable assets.

Fans Are Up for a Fight

@elizabethhurley1 / Instagram

Hurley's fans loved her ninja look and sounded off about wanting the star to use her infiltrating skills on them.

"Hit me! Hit me!" one fan begged, while another quipped, "I'd love to do some ninja with you."

"wowwwww omg beautiful and more beautiful I fell in love more and more with that hot ninja" a third added.

Others referenced a crossover with her role in "Austin Powers," commenting "That's a great way to say "I'm horny baby!...draw your sword!"

Another overzealous fan challenged, "Please attack me in the middle of the night."

Kung Fu Fighting

@elizabethhurley1 / Instagram

Hurley's Ninja Nights holiday party actually isn't the first time she's dressed as a hidden warrior, because back in October she worked on her ninjitsu skills while on vacation.

During a trip to the Maldives over Halloween, Hurley revealed herself in a ninja mask and showed off her skills in the sand. While chopping in the air and performing high-kicks, the star made it clear she was nobody to mess with, until she threw herself off balance and ended up bottom first in the sand.

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