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Donald Trump Gushes Over Jon Voight's Role In 'Ray Donovan,' And It Ignites Social Media

By Clark Sparky

Donald Trump and Jon Voight have forged quite an admiration for one another. The actor has been one of the President's few supporters in Hollywood, and in a tweet on Friday, Trump made it clear just how much he loves Voight's work.

"Academy Award winning actor (and great guy!) @jonvoight is fantastic in the role of Mickey Donovan in the big television hit, Ray Donovan. From Midnight Cowboy to Deliverance to The Champ (one of the best ever boxing movies), & many others, Jon delivers BIG. Also, LOVES THE USA!" he wrote.

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Voight's name quickly started trending after the tweet, and Twitter users had plenty of thoughts.

"Actually Raging Bull was better. You know, the movie with Robert De Nero. The guy that f--king hates you, you impeached fake sack of s--t president*," one person said.

"I Love Jon for his love of America and President Trump. This season of Ray Donovan, Showtime’s radical left producers portrayed cops as racists in red MAGA hats so I stopped watching the show. Meanwhile, Jihadists & Leftists across the world continue to slaughter conservatives," a Trump supporter wrote.

"More proof that Trump desperately wants to be loved by Hollywood and is deeply hurt that they have rejected him," another tweeted.

"Do you tweet this kind of nonsense as part of your work, during Executive Time, or are you riding around the green waiting to get to the next hole?" someone asked.

"Jon Voight is great and a true patriot. Lets get some more people like him in liberal Hollywood," another commented.

Voight has solidified his place as one of Trump's biggest allies after consistently tweeting videos of himself defending the President, and attacking liberals.

"This is not peace," Voight said in one of his recent videos. "This is not love. This is hate among the radical left. No amount of book smart will show the given policy of what truth stands for. Truth is a powerful emotion. Love ... is what we should be voting for."

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