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Mandy Moore Reveals That She Got Seriously Sick Over Christmas And Had To Cancel Her Ecuador Trip

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Clark Sparky

Mandy Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith embarked a dream holiday vacation to Ecuador this week, but it quickly turned into a nightmare for the couple. The "This Is Us" star posted photos on Instagram of herself and Goldsmith nursing themselves back to health with a long caption explaining what happened.

"Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. For someone slightly type A (like myself), it’s challenging not drive myself absolutely crazy when things veer in a different direction. I love an end of year lesson (one that I’ve encountered a million times before and will again, btw). Wasn’t meant to be," she wrote.

"We’d planned this extraordinary trip to hike Cotapaxi in Ecuador with my favorite friend and guide @melissaarnot, when T and I both got knocked out simultaneously with a major bout of food poisoning (on Day 2) and couldn’t continue on the trip- we just wouldn’t be able to catch up on hydration, nutrition and rest to complete any more acclimatization hikes before our summit push."

She continued:

In any case... we made the tough call to travel home (wow- that wasn’t fun lol) and got back yesterday. We showered and crawled into bed-shells of ourselves- but quickly had the kitties/ dogs by our side and our own Mountain View out the window to enjoy. I think the Universe must have wanted us to slow down and just savor some time at home. And we shall. It just means that there are more adventures to come...... Oh and we can not WAIT to get back to Ecuador- we absolutely loved our short journey and have already chatted about returning with a more all encompassing look at the whole country

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Comedian Chelsea Handler offered some support. "Yes, sometimes plans don’t work out, and when we accept it instead of resist it, we suffer less and appreciate what we do have. Merry Christmas to both. Have a hot toddy," she wrote.

Mountain climber Melissa Reid wrote, "Never met a duo as graceful in the face of challenge. Adventure waits and I continue to learn how damn tough you both are!"

"Thank you for posting this! As a type A myself, it's so hard to accept when your hard worked on plans don't work out. Practicing patience and grace when the Universe laughs at our plans!" one fan wrote.

"I feel your pain. I have spent the last month on the couch fighting with the side effects of multiple kidney stone procedures. This has been a tough end of the year. Hope you feel better soon," another said.

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