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Sister Of Late George Michael Found Dead On Mysterious Day

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December 25th was an amazing day for a lot of people, save for the family members and close friends of Melanie Panayiotu, as they had to spend the day, mourning her. This is shocking news to everyone, because no one understands what is going on and the police have released very limited news regarding the situation. The most shocking part of this sudden demise is that it happened on the death anniversary of her late brother, George Michael. Fans are clamoring to know what happened to Panayiotou, but this is all that has been released.

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According to the police, she was found dead by her older sister, Yioda, who is still in deep shock over her sister’s death. The police also recorded that this Christmas, was the the third year anniversary of George Michael’s passing and his family members were looking forward to it. Yioda called the attention of the cops a little after 7:30 when she noticed that her sister was no longer breathing. While speculations around her death reached the internet, her family revealed the news through the family lawyer.

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A new outlet confirmed that the cops are not taking this particular death as serious, neither are they looking at it as a suspicious death. Although the family did not give an answer to any questions relating to what killed Panayiotu, fans believe that there is more to her death than what the family members are telling the press. To keep the public out of their hairs for a while, the spokesman for the family mentioned that they would like their privacies, so they can morn the death of Panayiotu

George Michael stuns in all black outfit with a rose chain on his neck

Before his passing, George Michael shared a special relationship with his younger sister, Melanie Panayiotu. In his will, he mentioned that the sum of £50 million be given to her and a large percentage of his estate put together. This means that Panicayiotou was a wealthy woman from her inheritance her brother left her. A few days before her death, Panayiotu shared an adorable message with her family concerning love and her late brother. From her words, it was evident that she missed him a lot, but her message preached love rather than goodbye.

George Michael looks adorable in a fashionable suit with a mind-lowing pose

In her message, she also mentioned Michael’s love for Christmas and his music and said that he would be proud of Emilia’s smile.

Melanie Panayiotu was an amazing sister and friend to a lot of people. At the age of 55, she is survived by her sister, Yioda and her father, Kyriacos, whose wife, Lesley and mother to his three children, died early in life.

Till now, the police are yet to release details surrounding the death, but it was reported that they would not carry out any investigations until the autopsy is completed.

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