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Charlize Theron at Bombshell premiere

Charlize Theron Found It Challenging To Play Megyn Kelly In 'Bombshell'

Gettyimages | John Lamparski
By Sarah Veldman

Bombshell, a movie about the sexual harassment claims brought against Roger Ailes, former chairman and CEO of Fox News, was a challenging movie to film for many in the cast, especially Charlize Theron who played Megyn Kelly.

In a Q&A after a screening of the movie, Theron talked about the difficulties she faced in playing such a big character.

The movie is especially perfect for the current times we're in, with women finally feeling comfortable enough to talk about the sexual harassment they've experienced.

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Playing A Real Life Character Was Scary For the Actress

Charlize Theron at Bombshell premiere
Gettyimages | Paul Morigi

Theron found it terrifying to play a real person who is so well-known in a movie that talks about difficult subjects like sexual harassment.

She said, “The first step is acknowledging that you’re sht scared. And then you have a vodka. You call your friend Jay (Roach) and you say, ‘Am I fcking crazy?’ And he says, ‘No, we should do this.’ And then it really becomes a collaboration.'"

It's not surprising Theron found it scary to play the part, as it's such a sensitive subject, especially in the current political climate, with the Donald Trump presidency being such a big part of the movie.

Theron Still Related To Megyn Kelly, Despite Opposing Political Views

Giphy | Bombshell Movie

Despite the fact that Megyn Kelly has a very different view of politics compared to Theron, who is a liberal, she still found a way to relate to the former Fox News anchor.

She said, “From afar it looks like we have nothing in common,” Theron said. “Obviously, I’m a liberal and a lot of these women have said things that have been deeply upsetting to me, but I started seeing similarities between us dare I say that.”

This isn't surprising, considering both women work in male-dominated industries that have faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

Regardless of their political views, the two women still have a lot in common, with both being highly ambitious and struggling to make it despite the challenges they face.

Theron Is Grateful For The Women Who Came Forward

Giphy | Bombshell Movie

Unfortunately, for many of the women who did come forward about the sexual harassment they faced from Roger Ailes, their careers were never the same again.

That's exactly why a movie like this should be made; to show the difficulties of what these women go through when they speak their truth.

Theron said, “They were ostracized. Most of them lost their jobs, never worked again. These are things that we can, in the comfort of this theater, say we would do but I don’t know if we really would. So in that sense, I’m grateful for what they’ve done. They catapulted us."

She continued, "They were the first. There’s no denying that all of this started with them and we wouldn’t necessarily maybe even be having this conversation if what happened to Roger Ailes didn’t happen.”

One Of The Most Powerful Scenes In The Movie

Giphy | Bombshell Movie

One of the most powerful and uncomfortable scenes in the movie is between Roger Ailes and Kayla Pospisil, who isn't based on just one woman, but is a character that shows a mix of the stories women came out with.

Ailes invites her to his office for a "talk" and ends up asking her to lift up her dress to see her legs, until her underwear are showing.

Though he never touches her, it's a scene where the character feels stripped of her dignity, and is seen as psychological torture.

Writer, Jill Filipovic, told The Atlantic “Reading about sexual harassment dulls it. Seeing it is a crucial reminder of how repulsive and destructive Ailes, and sexual harassers like he was alleged to be, can be.”

The movie was challenging to watch, as well as difficult for the actors to take part in, but in the current times, it's extremely important viewing.

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