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Donald Trump glares at the camera

Donald Trump Blames Justin Trudeau For Being Cut From 'Home Alone 2' Scene

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By Natalie Hunter

Donald Trump has found something else to be angry about. CBC, a Canadian TV network, cut a scene that Donald Trump had a cameo in.

'Home Alone 2' is a sequel based on the 90's hit 'Home Alone.' In the first movie, a young boy named Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, is accidentally left behind at home while his family goes on vacation. Kevin is left to stop a pair of robbers from breaking in. 'Home Alone 2' has a similar storyline.

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In the sequel, Kevin gets lost in New York City and is being pursued by the same robbers in the fist movie.

Head of the CBC network, Chuck Thompson, explained that he was not making a political statement by cutting Trump according to PopCulture.

"As is often the case with feature films adapted for television, Home Alone 2 was edited for time," Thompson explained. "The scene with Donald Trump was one of several that were cut from the movie as none of them were integral to the plot."

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"These edits were done in 2014 when we first acquired the film and before Mr. Trump was elected President," he said.

However, Trump and his supporters aren't buying it. Trump took Twitter as per usual to put in his two cents. He even blamed the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

"I guess Justin T doesn’t much like my making him pay up on NATO or Trade!" Trump tweeted in response to the news.

"The movie will never be the same! (just kidding)," Trump followed up.

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The scene that Trump was cut from is when Kevin runs into the hotel lobby of the Plaza and asks Trump, playing himself, for directions.

'Fox and Friends's Mark Steyn also weighed in.

"I think they're actually terrified that people will remember that before [Trump] was the new Hitler, he was a beloved mainstream cultural figure," Steyn explained according to The Daily Caller. "That's who Donald Trump was before he was the new Hitler. I think they're terrified of these little things that will remind people just how deranged his opponents are."

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However, many others had no complaints about the edits and even commended CBC for them.

"As a director I have to confess that there’s nothing more annoying - and frankly pathetic - than a bit player, especially a mediocre talent, confronting me and whining about being cut from a piece. I’m always like, 'dude get a life!'" Director Ken Olin tweeted.

"Would the person who edited Trump out of Home Alone 2 like to take a whack at Washington DC 2016-2020?" he joked previously.

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