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Kate Middleton Is Being 'Pressured' to Work with Meghan Markle for This All-Important Reason

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By Zachary Holt

It has been an unprecedented and tumultuous year for the royal family, resulting in what could be equated to one of the bigger PR nightmares that they've had to deal with in recent memory.

It all began when there were allegations that Prince William had been cheating on the Duchess of Cambridge. Soon after, though, the other brother, Prince Harry, got in on the action and was lambasted throughout the world for being a hypocrite that used a private jet to travel, while advocating for sustainability and green practices in the world

If these two controversies weren't enough for the royal family to contend with, the rumors of the two brothers feuding with each other constantly, in addition to, Prince Andrew's affiliation with Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse scandal, might have just pushed the meter to panic mode.

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A Burning Dumpster Fire

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As a result of these controversies, the family image has severely taken a hit. And it's not just their inherent integrity, but the sanctity of the family as a unit that is at risk, right now.

Everything seems to be a complete disaster and no doubt, the family knows that something needs to be done to mitigate the damage that's been wrought upon them.

Enter Kate Middleton and Meaghan Markle. The two Duchesses have been polarizing to many due to the way that each conducts business and contributes to the royal family. For Middleton, she has assumed more stately duties, as she will one day be queen, along with Prince William as king.

On the other side, Markel has taken on a more rogue approach to her role within the family, leading many people to believe that she is unfit to be a part of the royal family. Yes, she still has been an altruist, traveling to the world to promote women's rights and education.

Putting Differences Aside

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While the two haven't always seen eye-to-eye on issues, both know that they'll need to work together harmoniously in 2020 to save face for the royal family.

Royal expert, Katie Nicholl, spoke with the Daily Mail, expressing why it's a 'now or never' break moment for the family stating, "[Kate] knows the pressure is on her and Meghan to save the royal family, to an extent."

Nicholl also mentioned that despite the two differences in opinion Middleton and Markle have, they're willing to put them aside for the sake of preserving the family's integrity and image.

"Although the Cambridges and Sussexes have their own charities, I think the queen’s move towards retirement will force them to work closely with each other," she added.

Why Is Responsibility on Kate and Meghan?

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The good question out of this plan, though, is why are the two duchesses having to clean up the mess that was created mostly by the men in the family?

The answer isn't widely known, but perhaps, it's a result of the image that they provide for the royal family. Middleton has taken on a very mature, matriarchial role and seems ready to be queened should the opportunity present itself sooner, rather than later.

For Markle, although her image hasn't remained consistently positive among the public, she still has much ability in helping to sway others and thus, influencing public opinion.

The extent to which they will need to reshape their image has yet to be seen, but without a doubt, there is a sizeable challenge on the horizon for the two.

It's Now or Never

Gettyimages | Shaun Botterill

In a year that saw scandal after scandal hammer the royal family, 2020 is as important of a year, as ever. If they are to repair their image in the eye of the public, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle will need to spearhead these changes, along with the help and support of the others in the family.

If the two couples can set aside their differences and discontinue the fueding, that will be half the battle. As for Prince Andrew's sexual abuse allegations tied to Jeffery Epstein, that deserves a whole story to itself.

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