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Vicki Gunvalson poses on a red carpet with one hand on her hip wearing a one sleeved black dress

Vicki Gunvalson May Not Return to 'RHOC' Amid Lawsuit

Gettyimages | Sylvain Gaboury
By Natalie Hunter

Vicki Gunvalson has made it clear that she wasn't thrilled with Bravo's decision to make her a "friend" opposed to a "housewife" for 'Real Housewives of Orange County' season 14. Vicki has demanded that she either be made a "housewife" next season or she wouldn't be returning at all.

Vicki Gunvalson also is in the process of suing Kelly Dodd. Vicki is claiming that the comments that Dodd has made about her during the show are hurting her insurance company.

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Vicki said she would drop the lawsuit if she was offered a fulltime role on the show.

“First of all, when they told me I was going to have a reduced role, I said, ‘I’m never a Friend. I started this franchise. I’m never going to be a Friend.’ They said, ‘We’ll never use those words.’ And they’ve been using those words,” Gunvalson told Entertainment Tonight. “I will never come back part-time. I’m either all in or all out. I’m not a part-time girl.”


Vicki went on to explain that she has bigger things to move onto if Bravo doesn't accept her ultimatum.

“I run a big insurance company and I’m having my best year ever with that. What gives me more peace, you know, I love Bravo and I love my journey here, but they’re not ever going to do this to me again, because I don’t deserve that,” she also said.

Vicki was extremely hurt by Bravo's portrayal of her on 'RHOC' season 14.

Giphy | T. Kyle

Vicki had a melt down while filming the season 14 reunion.

“Well, I didn’t know they were filming it. Actually, they escorted me off the couch a little early, and I was not told that. So, you’ll see my reaction,” Gunvalson told ET. “I’m not no frickin’ Friend, let’s just put it that way.”

“I am pissed at you guys right now. I feel like a f—ing fool,” Gunvalson, 57, said on the reunion told she wasn't allowed to sit on the couch with the rest of the "housewives." “I’m literally going to leave, this is bulls—.”


“Where am I sitting? I want to know,” she asked. “Am I coming and sitting at the end like a little lap dog? I’m not going and sitting on the end.”

“I started this show 15 years ago,” she continued backstage at the reunion. “You put me on or just let me go. F—ing just let me go if you don’t want me anymore. Let me go in grace!”

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, while Vicki and the producers have claimed she'll be returning as a fulltime housewife, Bravo hasn't yet confirmed this.

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