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Shawn Johnson and Andrew East

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East: Their Relationship

Gettyimages | Joe Scarnici
By Sarah Veldman

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East, both athletes, recently welcomed their daughter Drew Hazel East. They've had quite the year, after moving into a new house as well, and they've chronicled their lives on their Youtube channel for a couple of years now.

Though like any marriage, they've had their ups and downs, it appears the couple is still going strong and closer than ever. So, how did they meet, fall in love and get married? Let's take a look back.

They Were Introduced By Andrew's Brother

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

Back in 2012, Shawn was in London to support USA Gymnastics at the summer Olympics. As fate would have it, she went to watch her cyclist friend Taylor Phinney compete, which is where she met Guy East, Taylor's teammate. He thought Shawn would be perfect for his little brother Andrew.

Andrew was a sophomore at Vanderbilt University at the time, and took a flight to Los Angeles to meet Shawn, who was competing on Dancing With The Stars at the time.

They Didn't Have A Second Date For Nine Months

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East
Gettyimages | Robin Marchant

Apparently, after just one date, they didn't have another one for nine months. Shawn even went out with other guys, including one of Andrew's teammates on his football team.

Shawn recalled on their Youtube channel, "We had gone on one date, this was, like, in 2012. But I didn't really consider it a date. So in between, like, during the nine months, I went on a date with other guys. I didn't think I was ever going to see you again. So to me it was kind of like, I met this guy, he asked me on a date, whatever."

Their First Year Of Marriage Was Incredibly Busy

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East
Gettyimages | JB Lacroix

The couple were married in Tennessee in 2016, and went back to work straight away. The former gymnast claimed "it's been the craziest year of our lives," telling People, "One day doesn’t look like the next for us!”

Andrew was signed to the Oakland Raiders at the time and the couple had to fly there the day after the wedding.

Shawn continued, “We lived out of a Hampton Inn for four months and we cooked from our hotel room and found our way around Oakland while he was training for the Raiders. A few months later, I flew to Rio to cover the Olympics as a commentator.”

They Still Find Time For Date Night

Shawn Johnson and Andrew East
Gettyimages | Jason Merritt/TERM

Despite being super busy with their new baby, the couple still finds time for date nights. Shawn recently shared a picture of the two attending the Nashville Predators versus Buffalo Sabres hockey game.

She captioned the image, “A much needed mom and dad datenight. The stronger our relationship is the better parents we can be.”

That's definitely the truth! What couple doesn't need a little time away after becoming new parents? Will more children be in their future? We'll have to wait and see!

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