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Alicia Keys looks gorgeous as always in a long-sleeve black dress, with braided ponytail.

Jahna Sebastian Says She Does Not Want Alicia Keys As Her Child's Stepmother

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Alicia Keys is one of the most talented and decorated artists of all time and though her fans love her and the talent she shares with the world, not everyone is a big fan. The singer who got married to an American DJ known as Swizz Beatz is facing a lot of challenges on social media. This is because the mother of her husband's child does not want to share motherly love with the singer. Things are getting rocky between Swizz Beatz and the mother of his children, and Keys is getting dragged into it.

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For many years now, everything seemed to be going well between Swizz Beatz and his baby mama, but recently, she has been clamoring for Keys to stay away from her children, especially her daughter. This is almost impossible because Keys is married to Swizz Beatz and he has to spend time with his children.

Jahna Sebastian, aired out her heart via her Instagram page saying that she was not okay with the relationship her daughter, Nicole and the singer has.

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Although she deleted the post after some minutes, fans had already downloaded it and shared it all over social media platforms. Sebastian captioned her rant post on Instagram saying that there were several women in the world going through what she was, but she is not going be mute about the situation. The first reason Sebastian gave that she did not condole was that Keys bought a phone for her child and was controlling how and when she uses it.

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She also went on to say that she did not like the fact that her daughter, Nicole was referring to the singer as 'mom.' After saying all these things, fans were expecting Swizz Beatz to address the situation and he did. In the comment section of her post he mentioned that everything Sebastian had said was a lie and he had no idea why she did not communicate with him and Keys first before bringing it to social media. The record producer addressed the first issue which was Nicole having a phone. He mentioned that the phone was his old phone and he gave it to Nicole so she could call her mom anytime she wanted. This was to stop Sebastian from calling his phone whenever she wanted to speak to Nicole.

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The next issue he addressed was Nicole referring to Keys as 'mom.' He mentioned that he would never force his kids to do what they did not want to do, and Nicole calling her step-mother mom was not enforced. Swizz Beatz also revealed that he and Keys talked to Sebastian about Nicole having a phone some months back and she said she was okay with it.

Fans have no faint idea why Sebastian came at Alicia Keys that way, but the record has been set straight. Since the Instagram rant, Keys has not said anything in defense on social media.

Do you think calling out Alicia Keys on social media was the best thing rather than talking to her in private? Let's hear what is on your mind in the comment section below.

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