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Can Katy Perry Top Her Wild 2019? She Shares Her Plans for the New Year

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By Zachary Holt

The highly successful pop singer and American Idol judge, Katy Perry, has had a wild year, no doubt!

During 2019 she got engaged to Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings star, Orlando Bloom, finally squashed the beef that she had with Taylor Swift, and managed to pump out five new songs, all while judging on American Idol. Talk about a crazy year.

With 2020 on the verge, Perry sat down with People magazine to discuss what her plans are for the next year, as well as, what she'll being be doing for the holidays.

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Balance and Continuity

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For Perry, she's looking for balance and continuity to her life, moving forward. With new and exciting things on the horizon for her, including possibly getting married and starting a family, she's trying to maintain her positive outlook and take good vibes into the new year.

"For my personal self, I really want to streamline my life and create continual balance," she said. "There’s a lot of wonderful, personal things coming up in the future, which are exciting. Like creating my own idea of family."

The singer also shared that she's looking forward to the Christmas festivities, but things will be a little different than most people are used to.

No Traditional Gift Giving

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For the adults in the Perry family, they don't exchange physical gifts. That's reserved for the younger ones.

The big gift that the whole family gets to enjoy is a vacation, where all members are able to spend quality time together. It's a tradition they do every year. The American Idol judge dished on her annual family outing.

"The adults don’t get gifts because we go on vacation. That is the best gift. We go on vacation and we eat, we stop the diets,"

"We definitely binge and we go somewhere every year. Last year we went to Hawaii. This year we’re going somewhere in the snow, so we get to change it up and maybe go snowboarding and skiing. I’m a snowboarder," she continued.

All Under One Roof

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Perry looks forward to this time of the year because it's an opportunity to enjoy her family, something that is difficult for her to do, usually. She shared that it's the only time that all ten members of the family are under one roof and that it makes them 'feel young and cozy'.

To Perry, it's like being a kid again with a loving, but annoying relationship between parents and their children. "To be able to call for your mom across the hall — it’s sweet. We annoy each other and we get along — we’re just like the typical family," she explained.

A Danish Christmas Tradition

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Perry also dished on a new tradition that her family has adopted from her sister's husband, who is Danish. The tradition involves a game where the participants must find an almond, with the one to do it, winning a gift.

"The one thing we do is this new tradition that’s been adopted by my sister’s husband, who’s Danish,” she said. “We find this almond inside Christmas porridge. It’s like this game where everybody gets this Christmas porridge and you have to find the one almond. If you find it, you get the gift."

At the end of the day, if her 2020 is as good as 2019, it's safe to say that she's had a great year!

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