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The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge

Kate Middleton and Prince William Have Proved Themselves This Year

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By Sarah Veldman

The royals have had quite a year, and not in the excited way you look back on all the fantastic things you've done on New Years Eve.

It seemed as if everyday there was a new scandal in the media. From Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's constant need for secrecy, and accusations of hypocrisy after their multiple flights aboard private jets, to Prince Andrew's highly controversial friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and the car crash interview that came afterwards.

But, the one constant was the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who never put a toe wrong this year.

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The Royal Couple Has Had A Rebirth This Year

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Gettyimages | Mark Cuthbert

Prince William and Kate Middleton were the rock star couple of the moment after their wedding in 2011. The world couldn't get enough of them. However, after a few years and a couple of kids things appeared to be getting a little stale.

They were starting to a get a bit stuffy, and possibly dull. Kate was criticized for her conservative sense of fashion that looked well above her age, and the couple was looking somewhat workshy.

But, the royal couple has seen something of a rebirth this year, garnering praise for their work and how they've been handling things.

A Confident, Reliable Couple Who Will Lead The Monarchy


Their Christmas card this year showed a couple who have become more confident in their roles within the royal family while raising lovely children. They appear to be exactly the kind of people we need leading the monarchy in the future.

With the way people have turned on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex this year, William and Kate just keep looking better and better in comparison. In 2019, they have proved themselves to be dependable, and reliable, yet still interesting, relatable and fun.

Kate Has Become More Comfortable In Her Role

The Duchess of Cambridge
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One half of the couple, Kate, has really come into her own this year, taking her lead from the Queen. She's proved herself to be more comfortable in the spotlight, raising her family, and taking part in projects that are clearly truly important to her.

Claudia Joseph, an author who has written many books about Kate, recently spoke to Vanity Fair saying, "I’ve always thought she’s much better in boots and jeans than a pretty frock and she excels when she’s doing something close to her heart. She feels she can be herself and doesn’t have to hide or be on her guard."

This is what has really shown through in 2019; Kate and William have become more comfortable in showing who they really are.

The Couple Has Had An "Annus Mirablilis"

Prince William and Kate Middleton family on balcony
Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

Rebecca English, in an article for The Daily Mail even described 2019 as William and Kate's "annus mirabilis."

English writes, "The couple have a new-found sense of purpose and confidence, thanks to the realization that they can use their position to make a meaningful contribution to national life while protecting their family, too."

There has even been talk of using the couple to smooth things over after Brexit occurs. English writes, "Whitehall sources tell me they have been so impressed by what the couple achieved over the past 12 months that they plan to put William and Kate at the vanguard of a post-election, Brexit-soothing charm offensive, both in the UK and abroad."

Despite the major shadow that seems to be hanging over Buckingham Palace at the moment, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are one couple who will be going into 2020 with nothing but light surrounding them.

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