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Carrie Underwood accepts an award

Carrie Underwood Offers Advice to Herself 10 Years Ago

Gettyimages | Duane Prokop
By Joe Allen

A decade ago, Carrie Underwood was already one of the biggest stars in country music. The singer had racked up three albums and a number of hits, including "Before he Cheats." She was also one of American Idol's biggest success stories, and the last 10 years have only made that more evident.

In fact, life was such a whirlwind for the singer back in 2009, when she was only 26, that she never had the time to fully appreciate it all.

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"I kind of always say I wish I’d taken more pictures along the way," Underwood told People Magazine. "I multitask everything. I’m always go, go, go. I’m always juggling everything, and I feel like I’m a lot better now at kind of enjoying the moment."

If she were looking back, Underwood would likely try to get herself to slow down, if only for a moment. Working hard is what led to her enormous success, but she also has to take time to appreciate all that she has.


"I feel like I would tell myself to do more of that," she added. "‘Look around. Enjoy yourself. Take a minute.’ I’m a hard worker. It doesn’t have to go, go, go all the time. Just, ‘Take more workcations.’"

Although she says she's tried to slow down, Underwood still has plenty of irons in the fire. She just wrapped up her latest tour, and will release her book Find Your Path next year. She's doing all of this while focusing on her family as well.

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Her Christmas plans with her family this year involve plenty of time on the road as well. Even when she's with family, it seems Underwood doesn't get a ton of rest.

“This year, there's a lot of travel involved, but that’s kind of our tradition," Underwood explained. "We try to be with all of our family. We want it all. But that’s where we are right now in life is the traveling because we don’t have any family that actually lives near us, so it's just go, go, go."

Carrie Underwood Performs on stage
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As for gifts, the singer said she's not fussy. "I don't want anything," Underwood insisted on The Ty Bentli Show. "If there are things I want, I go get them, so I don't need anybody to get me anything."

Underwood is also selective about what she gets for other people.

"It kind of depends on who it's for," Underwood said. "If it's for my dad, I'm asking mom what can I buy him that he won't get mad at me for spending money on him for. I ask my mom what she wants too."

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