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Chrissy Teigen Shares The Story Of Her And Husband John Legend Suffering Gruesome Kitchen Accident

Gettyimages | Jean Baptiste Lacroix
By Clark Sparky

There are countless ways to injury yourself with kitchen tools, but perhaps the most dangerous is a mandoline slicer. Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend learned that first hand in a nasty accident that resulted in them both going to the emergency room.

The model and cookbook author shared the story on her YouTube channel during an episode of "Snack Hack: Sweet n' Salty Plantains."

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Teigen was showing how to make plantain chips and in order to slice them thin enough she had to use the mandoline. That's when she explain how the couple both cut their fingers on that same tool the last time they used it.

"I have John start slicing and he does one if his 'Ahh!'" Teigen said. "He always makes a big noise because men can't handle pain very well."

She asked him what was wrong only to discover that Legend had seriously cut his finger. "And when I say he cut his finger, he sliced the entire tip off of it," Teigen explained. "All John has is his fingers!"

Teigen said that she then took the mandolin from him and tried it herself and then she cut her finger on the tool, also.

"We went to the emergency room," Teigen said while showing a photo of them both at the hospital. "They reattached our fingers and now I don't do anything without my kevlar gloves."

People in the comments shared her pain. "18yrs in the industry, and still hands down the most dangerous piece of equipment, but one of the best too!!!! #loveAndhate," one said.

"Literally went to urgent care also from slicing my thumb on our mandolin right before hosting dinner! Our guests had to meet us at the urgent care and wait until I was done being stitched up. #usetheprotector," another wrote.

"Girrrl. I cut my entire knuckle on my middle finger off on one and had to have it cauterized at the ER because it was squirting with my heartbeat and wouldn’t stop bleeding. They’re so handy but oh so dangerous," someone else replied.

On the video in which Teigen shared the gruesome story, she also posted a warning for viewers.

"Warning: the mandoline should not be used without adult supervision OR Kevlar gloves. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience - John and I infamously sliced our fingers off using it (separately, but one right after the other)," she said.

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