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Eddie Murphy stands with his arms out palms facing down on the 'SNL' stage

Eddie Murphy Returns to 'SNL' After 35 Years

Gettyimages | NBC
By Natalie Hunter

One of 'SNL's most iconic cast members Eddie Murphy has returned after a 35-year hiatus. Murphy was a cast member for 4 years from 1980-1984. He is also unofficially given the reputation of being the reason that 'SNL' was able to stay afloat during the '80s. During last night's episode, Murphy revived four of his most legendary characters from the '80s: Buckwheat, Velvet Jones, Mister Robinson, and last but certainly not least, Gumby.

Murphy kicked off his speech with several hilarious punchlines.

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“This is the last episode of 2019, but if you’re black, this is the first episode since I left in 1984,” Murphy said kicking off the speech.

“I actually had a new baby, just about a year ago. That means I have 10 kids now; 11 if you count Kevin Hart,” Murphy joked.

“My kids are pretty much my whole life now. But if you would have told me 30 years ago that I would be this boring, stay-at-home house dad, and Bill Cosby would be in jail… even I would have taken that bet," Murphy zinged.

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Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, and Tracy Morgan joined him on stage to jokingly pitch sketches him and genuinely thanking him for paving the way for their careers.

Murphy appeared in his first sketch making Mr. Robinson relevant to the times by explaining that his neighborhood has fallen prey to gentrification.

“I was gone for a bit, but now I’m all right. My neighbors were all black, but now they’re white. The check-cashing place turned into a bank; elevator works and the stairs stink. The white people came and changed everything, but I am still your neighbor," Murphy said as Robinson.

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He then brought back Buckwheat in the best way possible. In this sketch, Buckwheat dressed up as Corn on the Cob as a contestant on 'The Masked Singer.' He sang unintelligible parodies of "Single Ladies" and "Feliz Navidad."

Murphy also [crashed Weekend Update as Gumby.] (

“How the hell are people not going to know who I am? I’m Gumby dammit. Let me tell you something, I saved this damn show from the gutter, and this is the thanks I get for saving this show. Shame on you Lorne Michaels. Shame on you NBC. Shame on you,” Murphy’s Gumby yells to Clin Jost and Michael Che.

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Lastly, Murphy appeared in the recurring "Black Jeopardy" sketch as Velvet Jones and promoted his book line including the latest addition How to Be an Instagram Ho.

“What you not going to do is judge this woman. It’s 2019, and she has every right to be sexy and to show off her beauty. She is independent, and she can make her own money. She doesn’t have to have sex with anyone,” he said.

Murphy also appeared in a holiday sketch parodying the fake cheeriness between families during the holidays.

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