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Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa looks stunning in all-round black outfits.

Mark Consuelos Fights For His Son During A Wrestling Match!

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Talk about a parent that super daddy! But did Mark Consuelos lose his temper to help his son or because he wanted to? Let's find out.

'Riverdale' is not the only time Mark Consuelos has shown that he is quite competitive, as he made a grand scene at his son's wrestling match in Long Island recently. According to TMZ, the match was an all-day tournament and it held on Saturday morning. In the video shared by TMZ, super dad, Consuelos was not excited that his son was getting beat down by his opponent.

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To prevent his son from getting more beatings, the actor made his way to the mat forcefully, to teach the opponent a lesson. This was definitely not what onlookers were expecting, as the initiative quickly changed from wrestling to daddy protecting the teenage son. Consuelos was taken off the mat after a lot of struggling, and an unknown man told him to calm himself as the game was a High School match. Reports also confirmed that Consuelos' wife, Kelly Ripa present at the game, but she did not say anything.

Kelly Ripa in a gorgeous design print dress looks stunning beside Mark Consuelos, who is dressed in a black suit, white inner T-shirt and pant to match
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When it comes to their three children, Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa always make it to the tabloids for one thing or the other that they said or did. In October, Ripa came under heat from fans when she teased that her 22-year-old son, Michael is 'chronically poor.' She also went on to joke that he had never really experienced what it felt like to be poor, however, since he decided to live on his own in Brooklyn, he has had some experiences. Ripa went off on trolls saying that their backlash was baseless because they had no idea what they where talking about.

'Riverdale' star looks breath-taking at a Vanity Fair event
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Also, in June, Ripa and Consuelos revealed on National Television that their daughter, Lola, caught them in bed on the morning of her 18th birthday, and it was a shocking experience for all of them. Aside from this couple making the headlines for topics related to their children, Ripa and Consuelos are amazing at what they do, when it comes to parenting. The duo have been together for a long time, and every day, it seems like they find new and beautiful ways to love each other.

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