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Steph Curry on the basketball court

Steph Curry Alleged Nudes Swamp Social Media, Would 'Violate' Revenge Porn Laws

Gettyimages | Jonathan Ferrey
By Rebecca Cukier

Steph Curry's name is trending like nobody's business right now. The NBA player was identified in nude photos posted to social media today, although Curry's own team didn't take long to deny that the snaps were of the 31-year-old.

What the photos showed? Well, there was a blurred-out face, but some of Curry's trademark identifying features did not manifest: his wrist tattoos weren't seen.

The San Francisco Chronicle got info from sources close to both the NBA man himself and the Golden State Warriors.

"Of course it's not him," the source stated.

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Violating Revenge Porn Laws?

Stephen Curry on the court
Gettyimages | Chris Graythen

Post nudes and stick someone else's name on them, and you can wind up in major trouble. Revenge porn may have seen countless individuals laughed off back in the day, but the issue is now taken seriously.

USA Today's For The Win mentioned what the individual posting the images could be in for.

“Unless Curry himself uploaded these photos, or gave his expressed permission to upload the photos (both extremely doubtful), this would almost certainly violate revenge porn laws. There is also now doubt that the photos are of Curry, though they certainly appear to be of him.”

Viewers should note that the statement was made before any denials of Curry's identity were made.

California Revenge Porn Laws: $1,000 Fine

Steph Curry on the court
Gettyimages | Ezra Shaw

FTW USA Today continued its Q&A by asking whether any revenge porn laws apply in Curry's domicile state of California.

"Yes. If it occurred in California, where the Currys live, this is illegal."

"Penal Code Section 647(j)(4) says it is illegal to “ the images, where the victim is identifiable; with the intent to cause serious emotional distress to the victim; and the victim actually suffered such distress.”

"The crime is a misdemeanor, with a punishment of up to six months in jail, and a fine up to $1,000," the report added.

Still Hush-Hush On The Responsibility Front


Nobody appears to have claimed responsibility for the photos now considered a hoax, although it looks like Curry's team was definitely taking the issue seriously.

NBA players may come with a risky side as they get snapped or filmed in awkward situations, but Steph Curry seems to be one player keen to keep his image clean – especially given that the family man still has an alleged cheating scandal to his name.

Steph is married to Ayesha Curry and raising kids with his wife.

Celeb Nudes Are A Dime A Dozen These Days

Bella Thorne poses at an event
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

It's been quite the year for celebrity nude photo scandals. Earlier this year, actress Bella Thorne self-posted topless photos to social media after she alleged that a hacker was threatening to release nude photos of her.

More recently, alleged nudes of singer Demi Lovato swamped the internet. Other nude photo scandals have included the likes of "Harry Potter" actress Emma Watson, "The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence, and Fenty Beauty founder Rihanna.

The world is now cracking down both on social media's indecent content and revenge porn overall.

All Silent On Steph's Instagram

Steph Curry on the court
Gettyimages | Ezra Shaw

Steph hasn't updated his Instagram since the news broke. The sports personality last updated his account two days ago with a video of himself in Tokyo.

"Dropped by Tokyo this summer to meet some amazing people growing the game of basketball in 🇯🇵 (and even learned a new move) 🔥 Check out the full version at the link in my bio ▶️ @rakutenarena #TheRising," he captioned the video.

Over on Twitter, though, fans have been debating the snaps with full force. Hopefully, for Steph, the whole thing will blow over quickly.

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