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A Lookback At Lisa Marie's Unique Marriages

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By Carol Cassada

As the daughter of rock n' roll icon Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie has become a sensation with Elvis fans and the media.

Lisa Marie is not only helping her mother Priscilla keep Elvis' memory alive, but she's also busy with her singing career and being a mom.

Like her famous parents, Lisa Marie has been a tabloid star over the years. Her personal life has made front-page news with her four marriages and turbulent divorces.

While she's in the midst of another public divorce, let's take a look back at her relationships with her exes.

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Danny Keough

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At the age of 20, Lisa Marie married her first husband musician Danny Keough.

The couple married in a small ceremony in October 1988.

In May 1989, seven months after their wedding, Lisa and Danny welcomed their first child, a daughter named Danielle Riley. Lisa and Danny's daughter would grow up to became a famous actress who now goes by the name Riley Keough.

Three years later in October 1992, Lisa gave birth to a son named Benjamin.

Lisa and Danny's marriage lasted almost six years before she filed for a quickie divorce.

Despite their split, Lisa and Danny remain good friends, and he's helped Lisa with her music career.

Michael Jackson

Lisa Marie's next marriage would be a very public and weird one.

Less than three weeks after her divorce from Danny Keough, Lisa Marie married The King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Lisa and Michael seemed like an odd pairing. The couple caused plenty of media attention with their antics.

Lisa appeared scantily clad alongside Michael in his music video You Are Not Alone.

At the 1994, VMAs Michael and Lisa appeared on stage. Michael held hands with his wife and spoke about how no one thought their marriage would last. He and Lisa then shared a smooch, which would be one of the highlights from the awards show.

After nearly two years of marriage, Lisa filed for divorce in January 1992.

Nicolas Cage


Lisa's third marriage would also be one that would cause a stir in the media.

Lisa began dating actor Nicolas Cage, who is a huge Elvis fan. Presley was already engaged to another man, but broke off the engagement after meeting Cage at a friend's party.

Presley and Cage began dating in 2000, and in August 2002 they married in a lavish ceremony. However, a few months later in November, Lisa Marie filed for divorce.

Rumors swirled about the couple's divorce. One rumor was Nicolas only married Lisa because he was a fan of her father's. Another report suggests the couple had a turbulent relationship and Lisa even threw her engagement ring off a yacht.

Michael Lockwood

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Three failed marriages didn't stop Lisa Marie from walking down the aisle a fourth time.

In January 2006, she married musician Michael Lockwood. Their wedding was held in Japan with all their family and friends there for the big occasion.

Two years later in October 2008, Lisa gave birth to twin girls named Harper and Finley.

It looked like this time Lisa's fourth marriage would work out, however in June 2016, Lisa filed for divorce.

Since then Lisa and Michael have been locked in a nasty battle over custody of the children and spousal support. Lisa has gone on record to say that she's concerned about Michael's role as a father, and has accused Michael of blowing through her inheritance.

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