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Lupe Samano

Former 'My 600 Lb Life' Star Gives Update After A Year Of Hard Times

By Ben Robinson III

There have been many different entries into the world of reality television over the past few decades, with many of them taking different spins on the OG of reality TV; The Real World. People sign their lives over for a short amount of time to keep viewers enthralled with their day to day lives, and some shows are much more invasive than others. From twenty-four hour surveillance shows like Big Brother to reality game shows like Survivor people seem to always want to tell their stories.

One such show that has always seemed to strike a chord with viewers is TLC's My 600 Lb Life, a series that follows obese individuals around as they maneuver through life addicted to food and trying to deal with the personal demons that keep them from successfully losing weight. And the stars of the series always acquire huge followers, with people wanting to check in with them after their season has come to an end. And there have been many fan favorites.

Some popular alumnae include first season success story Melissa Morris, who keeps folks updated with her weight loss journey on Instagram. Then there's season two's Paula Jones, who has gone on to remain in great shape and become a weight loss advocate. However one former star of the show, Lupe Samano, continues to wow audiences with her progress. Though the last few years of her life have been marred with setbacks and tragedies that have been somewhat hard for her to bear.

According to Distractify Samano has endured many trials and tribulations after her time on the show, though she has managed to keep the weight off.

On Oct. 3, she shared a before and after picture, revealing that she now weighs 220 pounds. Source: Facebook. A few days later, she posted a YouTube video someone made about her weight loss journey. "Sometimes I feel like a failure… sometimes I feel I [haven’t] accomplished nothing in life, but after watching this [video], I can honestly say I’ve come [a long] way. I’ve accomplished a whole lot!" she wrote. "I might not be [where] I want to be, but I’m not [where] I [used] to be, so I thank God for the strength he has given me to make it through every trial and tribulation I have had to face."

Lupe Samano

She also admitted that the loss of her husband Andrew and a few family members were also a sore spot for her, though she continues to move forward.

In January, Lupe told followers that the love of her life had died after struggling with kidney problems. Andrew had been on dialysis waiting for a transplant. "Today was one of the hardest days of my life!" Lupe wrote shortly after he passed. "Going to the mortuary with my sis in laws to spend [some] time with my love… before they cremate him." She added, "[When] I walked in the room and [saw him lying] there resting in peace, I broke down and cried. I knew that God had come for him. So heaven gained another angel."

Hopefully the year up ahead will open up with better times and better possibilities. Stay focused Lupe.

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