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Wayne Brady wears a suit jacket and stands in front of a floral wall

Wayne Brady Wins 'The Masked Singer' Season 2

Gettyimages | Leon Bennett
By Natalie Hunter

During 'The Masked Singer' finale last night, Fox was deemed the winner. Judge Robin Thicke was proven correct when Fox was revealed to be Wayne Brady.

Brady impressed the judges throughout the season with his vocal chops. Some of his top performances included an impressive rendition of "This Love" and "Tennessee Whiskey." He also made an extremely ballsy move on episode 10 by singing Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" when half the judges and the country suspected that he was Jamie Foxx.

Giphy | The Masked Singer

For his final performance, he showed off his rapping skills in his version of "Try A Little Tenderness." After he was declared the winner over Chris Daughtry's Rottweiler, he expressed his gratitude for being on the show to the judges.

"This has been the coolest, most amazing, most touching, most challenging, weirdest — and I host Let's Make a Deal — but God, I mean, really? I'm going to take this with me forever," Brady said on the show after being unmasked.

Giphy | Ediksona

Even before winning, Bustle reported that Brady opened up to the judges about rewarding an experience being on the show was.

"I've been blessed enough to make a lot of people happy, but I haven't always been happy myself," he told the judges on the finale. "It's taken me all this time to find my joy again wearing a mask and having no preconceived notions from anyone about what I can do. I just want to thank the show for making me one happy fox."


Brady certainly fooled many viewers. However, his most impressive feat was fooling his own mother.

“Let’s put it this way, my mother didn’t know. What’s hilarious is, she would give me a text every week and her and her husband would say, ‘Wayne, you know that Fox? He’s trying to sound like you sometimes. I know your voice.’ But then she’d say something like, ‘But I know that’s not you because you sing better than he does.’ I’m like, thanks, Mom,” Brady told Entertainment Weekly.


According to PopCulture, many fans were shocked when the fox wasn't Jamie Foxx.

"Not in a million years would I have gotten this !!"a fan tweeted said.

"Wonder how shocked/sad everyone that was '100% sure/obviously knew/willing to bet' Fox was Jamie Foxx after seeing Wayne Brady revealed," one Twitter user wrote with two laughing crying emojis. "I get some clues made it seem possible but tbh if you really are a Jamie fan you woulda/shoulda known it wasn't his voice."

"Damnit I owe so many people an apology on here.....The Fox is Wayne Brady!" another said.

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