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Paris Hilton Admits That She Didn't Invent Famous Catchphrase, 'That's Hot'. Who Did She Get It From?

Gettyimages | Jim Spellman
By Zachary Holt

The heiress to the Hilton fortune, Paris Hilton, who starred in the 2000s hit reality show, The Simple Life, alongside Nicole Richie, recently came out and revealed that she was not the one to invent the famous catchphrase 'that's hot', which was used ad nauseum throughout the production of the show.

In an interview with Vogue Magazine, Hilton shared the origins of the phrase and how it became an incessant signature staple on each of the episodes of The Simple Life.

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Stolen from Her Sister


In her interview with Vogue magazine, Hilton shared that she actually stole the phrase 'That's hot' from her sister, Nicky, but that it was something they both said throughout the years.

Hilton revealed, "I started making shirts that said, ‘That’s hot,’ and on the back, they said, ‘You’re not.’ It was cute. ‘That’s hot’ was something that my sister always used to say, but I trademarked it and I own it. Sorry, Nicky."

And as they say, the rest was history. The catchphrase caught fire and was a staple, not only on the show, "The Simple Life", but also in everyday conversations.

Obsession with Juicy

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During the interview, Hilton was also asked about her fascination with Juicy Couture velour tracksuits that she could be seen wearing on the show and out and about.

According to Hilton, it all started when her friend and publicist, Lara Shirftman, sent her a box of them for her to try on. For her, it was love at first sight.

"As soon as I put on my first Juicy tracksuit, I was obsessed,” Hilton explained. “I said, ‘Please send me more. I want the full collection. Every single color. I just fell in love with the brand and it basically became my uniform. I have an entire closet that’s only Juicy Couture. It’s somewhere I go every single day and just put on my Juice."

Impact on the Fashion World

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman

Hilton admits that she was obsessed and wore them everywhere she went. "I was not only wearing them to the airport or just to chill in my house in. I was going out at night in them and I was rocking them with everything,” she added. “So I think that they loved that I was kind of like the face of the brand."

As a result, she single-handedly prompted a fashion trend that was prevalent throughout the early 2000s. But this is nothing new for Paris, who has been a fashion icon for quite some time.

Regarding her impact on the fashion industry by wearing Juicy Couture, she claims that she's proud of how it's influenced others. "I’ve never stopped wearing it, and I never will because I’m a Juicy girl for life,” she said.

Hilton's Current Endeavors


Although Paris Hilton is no longer the same namesake that she once was, her clout and influence extend way beyond the years of her show, The Simple Life.

As for what she's doing nowadays, you can catch her behind the turntable as a DJ for large festivals. In fact, she's held the Paris Hilton: Foam and Diamonds residence at the Amnesia nightclub, located in Ibiza. It's been a highly successful gig that has netted her the distinction of the highest-paid female DJ in the world.

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