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(From left to right) Flamingo, Fox, and Rottweiler from The Masked Singer sing on stage

The Final Three 'Masked Singer' Celebrities Are Revealed

Michael Becker / FOX
By Natalie Hunter

It's the moment that everyone's been waiting for! The moment of truth: 'The Masked Singer' finale. In last night's finale, the final three celebrities were unmasked and a winner was declared.

The evening kicked off with all of the eliminated celebrities reminiscing on their time on the show. Michelle Williams, Sherri Shepherd, Kelly Osbourne and others eagerly expressed how grateful they were for the opportunity. Then each current contestant received a montage covering their top performances and clues from the season.

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Giphy | The Masked Singer

Each contestant then gave it their all in their final performance. Fox was up first showing off his rapping skills in "Try a Little Tenderness." Robin stuck by his Wayne Brady guess while Ken and Jenny both suspect Jamie Foxx.

Flamingo performed [a fierce rendition of Tina Turner's "Proud Mary."] ( For their final guesses, Nicole and Jenny stood by their guess of Adrienne Bailon. Robin Thicke also sided with the girls dropping his Fantasia suspicions. Ken threw out Fergie as a new random guess.

Giphy | The Masked Singer

Next up was Rottweiler. He sang a vocally impressive version of "Alive" by Sia. Along with being floored by his vocal abilities, the judges were still unsure of who he is. Jenny and Robin guessed Darren Criss. Nicole went with Neil Patrick Harris.

However, Fox was ultimately declared the winner. Robin's guess was validated when Fox revealed himself to be Wayne Brady.

"This has been the coolest, most amazing, most touching, most challenging, weirdest — and I host Let's Make a Deal — but God, I mean, really? I'm going to take this with me forever," Brady said on the show.

Giphy | The Masked Singer

Flamingo came in third. One of the most unanimous guesses on the show was proven true when she revealed herself as Adrienne Bailon.

"Thank you so much. I have gotten a bit of a bug like, wait, 'I might think I sound terrible but if they think I sound aight... maybe I sound aight," Bailon said after she was unveiled. "This has been life-changing I never thought that I would love performing again and... this has been so crazy and I can't thank you guys enough," she added. It's been the best thing I've ever done."

Giphy | The Masked Singer

Rottweiler was the runner-up. His unmasking was the most surprising of the whole season. Not a single judge guessed that he was Chris Daughtry.

"I wanted to do something fun. I wanted to challenge myself. I saw last year when T-Pain won I was like, 'I want to do this it looks so much fun," Daughtry said after the reveal. "Had no idea how challenging it was going to be, so happy I did it. And my kids have no idea I'm doing this so I'm so pumped for them to see this."

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