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Donald Trump Jr stands at a podium at a Trump 2016 Rally

The Trump Family is Carrying on Business as Usual Amid Impeachment

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By Natalie Hunter

Donald Trump's presidency is in jeopardy after the House of Representatives voted to impeach him last night. However, the Trump family doesn't seem to be too phased by the impeachment. In fact, the entire family appears to be carrying on business as usual.

While many celebrities are taking to twitter to celebrate the impeachment, Donald Trump and his family are using it to promote new business ideas and brush off the impeachment. Donald Trump Jr. is promoting another one of his Trump products.

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According to PopCulture, Donald Trump Jr. posted a pic with wrapping paper with Donald Trump's face on it on Instagram.

"So everyone loved the post that I put up the other day with the Trump wrapping paper and Trump ornaments," Trump Jr. captioned the post directing interested customers to the Trump website to purchase the Christmas merchandise. "There still some time to have some fun with your favorite leftist of Maga supporter," he wrote.

He also made an Instagram video about his lack of concern over the impeachment.

Giphy | Our Cartoon President

"Their best candidate is impeachment... it's their only viable candidate!" He stated.

"The Democrats know they can't win on facts, they can't win on the economy, they can't win on results, and they have no one who can actually beat Donald Trump," he added. "This is why they've been pushing this crap for three years. As always they've over played(sic) their hands and the American people see it for the disgrace that it is. The impeachment is a total partisan sham and everyone knows it."

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Eric Trump is also taking to social media to kiss up to his father.

"I couldn’t be more proud of this man! @realDonaldTrump #USA," Eric Trump tweeted.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the @WashingtonPost. This is “our” media in 2019... but don’t worry, they have an even lower approval rating than congress... #JournalismIsDead @JeffBezos" Eric Trump tweeted this morning in response to a Washington Post journalist celebrating the impeachment.

He replied, "true," in response to Reince Preibus' tweet, "From here on out, most Presidents will now get impeached when the opposite party holds the House. This is a new political game that will play out for decades to come."


Donald Trump also doesn't seem too concerned about the impeachment.

"In reality they're not after me, they're after you. I'm just in the way," Donald Trump tweeted after the impeachment.

Trump also said he isn't phased by the impeachment at his rally Wednesday.

"It doesn't really feel like we're being impeached," Trump told the crowd. "The country is doing better than ever before. We did nothing wrong. We have tremendous support in the Republican Party like we've never had before."

"I'm the first person to ever get impeached and there's no crime. Like, I feel guilty," Trump said from the stage.

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