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The Return of Olivia Jade, Influencer Makes First Makeup Tutorial Post Since Scandal

Gettyimages | Gabriel Olsen
By Zachary Holt

The 2019 year was pretty difficult for Olivia Jade and her family following the college entrance scandal that may potentially land her parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli, in prison.

For Olivia Jade, though, there were also other far-reaching implications like being dropped by her brand, Sephora, and having to shut down her social media channel that became part of her life.

However, the young influencer has returned to YouTube and posted her first make up a tutorial since the wake of the scandal. It's a feel-good story and people on social media are reacting to it.

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A Rough Year for Olivia Jade

Gettyimages | Gabriel Olsen

Earlier this year, the influencer's parents were charged in paying bribes of $500,000 to get herself and sister, Bella, into the University of Southern California. They were also charged with conspiracy to commit felony mail fraud, which can potentially put them in prison for up to 60 years.

For Olivia Jade, she not only had to leave the University of Southern California, but she lost her partnership with Sephora, where she had her own makeup line. Other sponsorships she had with her beauty YouTube channel and Instagram were also subsequently lost.

Since then, she's kept a relatively low-profile, only posting once on YouTube to share that she was not legally able to dispel any information on the ongoing court battle involving her parents, but that she was ready to 'move on'.

Welcome Back to YouTube

Gettyimages | Phillip Faraone

Only three weeks since that last YouTube post, Olivia Jade was back, but this time she was providing the same kind of makeup tutorial that initially put her on the map.

She opened the video post saying, "Hi guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel. So, today I thought it would be kind of a cute and fun video to do an everyday, get ready with me. I’m going to show you guys my makeup and an outfit."

After getting dressed and applying her makeup, Olivia Jade opened up about her intentions to continue to vlog, despite the ongoing drama.

"So just an update, also, I have a vlog that I’m still working on filming. It’s just not done. I wanted to get this video — or really any video up sooner after my initial video,” Olivia says. “But I’m not done with it and I’m still just like easing back into it. So thanks for being patient. You guys are awesome."

Lost Weight and Health Concerns

Axelle | Bauer-Griffin

Even though it's good seeing her back in action and moving on with her life, fans on social media had mixed reactions to her first makeup tutorial post.

One fan commented, "Honestly Olivia jade doesn’t seem well. her face looks so much thinner in her recent video," indicating that she had lost a lot of weight and that they were worried about her health.

Another shared the same sentiments, saying, "Is it just me or does I look like she got really thin… like in her face."

Unfortunately for Olivia Jade, not all the comments and reactions to her post were positive, with countless people on social media slamming her for not helping her parents with the lawsuit and being a spoiled, rich child.

Negative Social Media Reactions on Return

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

"@oliviajadee please go away. No one wants to hear your beauty tips. You’re a spoiled rich girl! You need to read the room. No one cares about you right now. Deal with your parents lawsuit, until then, pls stop. Go out on the water and row," one Twitter user posted.

Another was a bit of a low blow, throwing her into the trouble that he parents are dealing with. "Olivia Jade is really coming back to YouTube with an everyday routine video AS IF HER MOM AND DAD ARENT ABOUT TO GO TO JAIL," they shared.

Though the reactions to her post were undoubtedly mixed, most can tell that she's trying to get back into a normal routine and start of the year on a clean slate.

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