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Garret Yrigoyen wraps Becca Kufrin in his arm. The couple is nearly kissing

'The Bachelorette's Becca Kufrin Wants to Wait for Fiance Garret Yrigoyen to be Ready for Marriage

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By Natalie Hunter

Becca Kufrin was the second most recent 'Bachelorette' preceding Hannah Brown. She ended up accepting Garrett Yrigoyen's proposal. The two are still [happily together] ( despite Yrigoyen liking problematic pictures about the Parkland shooting on Instagram. However, they don't plan on rushing into the next phase of life. According to [Bustle,] ( Kufrin claims the couple isn't getting married anytime soon.

Becca had to choose between Garrett and Blake in the final two. Many fans were disappointed that she didn't opt for "nice guy" Blake.

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Blake ended up showing his true colors as a player during 'Bachelor in Paradise' so maybe Becca dodged a bullet.

Becca admitted on an episode of Entertainment Tonight's 'Roses and Rose' that she doesn't want to rush Garrett into marriage due to his past.

"He was previously married and divorced, so I never want him to feel rushed or pressured into anything," she added to ET. "So, I'm fine with where we're at. I'm kind of just waiting for him to be like, 'OK, let's do this now.'"

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Becca also added that she has a lot going on in her life so she is also fine with putting the wedding off.

"We just have so much going on, and we've still been traveling like crazy that we're just dragging our feet," Becca explained. "Especially knowing how crazy my life is going to be with the [Bachelor: Live on Stage] tour coming up and all of that, and working on the loungewear line, I think we're just taking our time."

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When the couple does begin planning their wedding, Becca explained that she wants her wedding to unique. She thinks its more important to create a party atmosphere and for guests to have a good time than to stick to tradition.

"We just want it to be a massive party," she revealed. "Like, I don't want the traditional sit-down, everyone is in their assigned seats. I want it to be like, food trucks all over and games and one massive party."

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On 'The Bachelorette' it is very common for her to ultimately choose the man that she gave the first impression rose to. Becca was no exception. She admitted that she didn't know at the time that it would work out this way.

"There was always the initial attraction, because [he won] the first impression rose," she recalled to ET. "It wasn't until after his hometown when I met his family and saw him and his roots that I was like, 'Holy crap, I love this guy.'"

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