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A rare photo of Scott Disick in casual jacket and denim pant, beside his girlfriend, Sofia Richie, who is dressed in a lovely white jumpsuit.

Is Scott Disick Planing To Settle Down With Sofia Richie?

Gettyimages | Presley Ann
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Thanks to his former relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick has become one of the most talked about reality television stars. However, after his split from the mother of his three children, Disick has decided to do other things with his life. Aside from appearing on "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," the 34-year-old used to be a prominent model in the industry. He made a career out of modeling for covers of teenage romance novels and he is said to have an amassed net worth of £12 million.

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The New York born also opened a restaurant and on the grand opening, several fans criticized him for roping his ex-girlfriend to be in attendance. This attracted a lot of bad reviews and in no time, the Japanese eatery was closed indefinitely.

Some people believe that Disick and his ex, Kardashian were secretly married because they built quite a family. However, they were only in a long-term off and on relationship that finally ended in 2015. While many were hoping for them to get back, Disick moved on with Sofia Richie.

Scott Disick stuns in arm-less jacket and long-sleeve with sneakers beside Sofia Richie who is dressed in a green low-cut short-sleeve dress.
Gettyimages | Joe Scarnici

Although Disick is in a new relationship, he did not fail to acknowledge Kardashian as his best friend and the woman he would love till the day he dies. It is only natural to feel this way because she is the mother of his kids.

Moving on to his relationship with Richie, fans criticized the television star for mingling with a 19-year-old. Despite the comment from trolls, the duo are still going strong and some fans have reasons to believe that they may soon be taking the biggest step in their relationship.

A hilarious photo of Scott Disick in black suit with pink inner T-shirt and tie to match
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Initially, when the lovers came out to declare love for each other, some fans were convinced that they were not a perfect fit. Refinery29 also reported that many fans expected the duo to be involved in some drama, but almost two years now, they have been amazing together.

Reports have confirmed that Richie has asked Disick to move back to New York City so they can start a fresh chapter of their lives. Who reported that the model is in good terms with her boyfriend's ex, but she believes that they would be better off living in NYC.

A casual outing day for Scott Disick and Sofia Richie and they look amazing
Gettyimages | Scott Barbour

Aside from having the best relationship with Disick, Richie also wants to continue with her modeling career. Now, it is left for Disick to make the decision to move all the way to NYC. This may be a difficult decision to make because even if Disick is no longer with Kardashian, he still has his kids to look out for. Presently, Kardashian and the kids live in California, Los Angeles which is a long drive to NYC.

Will Scott Disick be willing to make this change and as a fan, what would be your advice to him?

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