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Kourtney Kardashian on the red carpet

Did Kim Kardashian Have a Role in Kourtney's Decision to Leave 'KUWTK?'

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris
By Joe Allen

Recently, Kourtney Kardashian announced that she would be taking a break from television. That means, of course, that she won't be a regular part of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" the way she had been for most of the show's run.

Although she seems confident that this is just a hiatus and she will be back on the show, Kourtney said that she needed to take a break to give her kids a more normal life as they start to get older.

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Because of the show's filming schedule, it'll likely be a while before fans notice her absence on the show. She's on the current season, and we're starting to get more information on why she decided to leave.

This season of the show has had plenty of drama, and a lot of it is focused on Kourtney. In fact, Kourtney has been asking for more boundaries around her personal life, and that has led Khloe and Kim to threaten to fire her from the show.

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Instead of respecting Kourtney's desire to not reveal her entire life on the show, Kim and Khloe flew off the handle when their older sister made the request. Eventually, they called her on Facetime and said "We have a proposal for you. It starts with an ‘f’ and ends with a ‘d.'” That's certainly one way to negotiate.

In the end, it's that kind of behavior that may have led to Kourtney's decision to leave the show. She asked for boundaries, and she didn't get any.

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The way Kim and Khloe have treated Kourtney recently has led many fans to take Kourtney's side in the dispute. Fans think it's healthy for Kourtney to look for more personal space in her life. She's given a lot of herself to that show over the years, and there's no reason she should continue if she doesn't want to.

Kim and Khloe will have to be careful as they proceed without their sister. Given the show's extended run, it would be easy for fans to turn against the show.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian on the red carpet
Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

Over the years, Kourtney's time on the show has brought plenty of drama. Her relationship with Scott Disick alone was filled with heat and angry fights. She's also had children and raised them in front of TV cameras, and it seems she's beginning to realize that may not be the best way to parent.

Kourtney has spent a good chunk of her life on reality TV. Now, it seems she's starting to realize the value of having a little bit of privacy.

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