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Kaley Cuoco Poses In Shorts

'Wake Me Up Before You Cuoco': Are We Getting A Kaley Cuoco Morning Show?

Jesse Grant/Instagram
By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco kicked Tuesday off with an idea. "The Big Bang Theory" actress took to Instagram with thoughts about launching her own morning talk show – sitcom actresses taking on "The Morning Show" isn't just for the likes of former "Friends" star Jennifer Aniston.

While Aniston's Apple show is a fully-fledged series netting the 50-year-old a $2 million-per-episode salary, Kaley's is still at the idea stage. The blonde's Instagram stories showed her having woken up too early at 6 a.m. Kaley's driver was set to pick her up at 7.50 a.m., leaving the actress grumpy over having missed out on sleep.

Kaley used the opportunity to ask her followers how they'd feel about her hosting a breakfast show.

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What The Show Would Involve


“I’ve been getting some great feedback on my morning content. Should I do a morning IG show?” Kaley said.

“Waking Up with Cuoco. I could talk about how I slept, how I make my coffee, and the backstory behind each nightgown," she continued.

FYI, nightgowns are a giant deal for Cuoco. The star regularly updates her social media with adorable ones, even announcing her favorite night shirt to be a simple one featuring a picture of a dog.

“And they come on in their pajamas in the morning, and we talk over coffee. No makeup, if people will do it. But we just talk in our pajamas about our night," Kaley added in an update made from the set of "The Flight Attendant" later in the day.

Will Wheaton's Wife Comes Up With The Best Ever Name

Giphy | Crave

Kaley did list some possible show titles from her social media followers, including "Awake with Cuoco," "Mornings with Kaley" and "Wake up with Kaley."

Hands-down winning the suggestions list, though, was one from Will Wheaton's wife, Anne.

"Anne Wheaton, yours takes the cake," Kaley said, adding: "Wake Me Up Before You Cuoco. That is epic."

Other titles shortlisted by the 34-year-old included "A Cup of Cuoco," plus "Have a Cup with Cuoco" and "A Cup of Coffee with Cuoco."

Something about Anne's title has a certain ring, though.

She'll Always Be Penny To Us, Though

Kaley Cuoco and Jim Pasons at a press event
Gettyimages | Gregg DeGuire

Yes, "BBT" has ended. No, we're not done loving Penny. Kaley herself had the chance to reveal what she'll miss the most about playing the series' streetsmart blonde.

"You know, she’s iconic. She’s the best character I’ve ever played. She has every single quality. She’s funny, she’s [silly and] I’m sill, she’s sarcastic. She loves Leonard and she loves these guys and she’s a real girl. You know, we’ve tackled a lot of issues this year. Her even not wanting to have kids and her wanting to be a businesswoman," Kaley told She Knows.

"I don’t think we’ve seen that a lot in television. I was really impressed that they went that path and yeah, she’s a reason why I’m doing everything that I do in the future will be sent back to Big Bang," she added.

But We've Got 'The Flight Attendant' Now

Kaley Cuoco at a press event
Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Kaley's earnings on "BBT" reached $1 million per episode towards later seasons. Kaley may never need to work another day, but she isn't quitting the industry. Cuoco is starring in and producing her new "The Flight Attendant" show.

"It’s the first time I have a project that I’m really involved with from the beginning to the end, so it’s a little nerve-wracking, but I’m excited for this new adventure," she told She Knows.

Kaley's Norma Productions company is named after her pooch.

The Next Kelly Ripa?

Kelly Ripa at a talk show
Gettyimages | Jamie McCarthy

If you've typecast Kaley Cuoco as a timeless sitcom actress, you might not have adjusted to the idea of her as a morning show host. Then again, "Live! with Kelly and Ryan" host Kelly Ripa also started out as an actress.

For a better feel of Kaley's casual talk and musings, head over to her Instagram where stories tend to show Kaley raw and unfiltered. This tough cookie is charming, hilarious, and gorgeous. In short, exactly what morning television loves.

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