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Is Marriage and Motherhood in Nikki Bella's Future?

John Angelillo/UPI
By Carol Cassada

With her wrestling career over, Nikki Bella is thinking about her future.

The former WWE Divas Champion is a popular star in Hollywood. She's the star of Total Divas and its spinoff Total Bellas. Plus, she and her sister Brie are also businesswomen. The sisters are creating their own empire with their fashion line and collection of wine.

Not only is Nikki's professional life flourishing, but so is her personal life. As Nikki is preparing for life outside the ring, fans are wondering if the star's dream of marriage and motherhood will ever come true.

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Nikki and John had different views

Nikki Bella's relationship with WWE's top star John Cena was the talk of the wrestling community and Hollywood.

They were wrestling's power couple, and Nikki was often seen accompanying John to red carpet events.

The couple even let fans in on their private life when they joined the reality show Total Divas. As viewers soon learned, not everything was perfect for the couple.

Throughout the series, Nikki and John constantly talked about marriage and children. John made it clear he didn't want to get married or have children. But for Nikki, being a wife and mother was her dream.

Proposal, then break up

Despite their difference of opinions on the future, Nikki and John stayed together.

Before too long it looked like John had changed his mind and was willing to marry Nikki.

After competing in a tag match at Wrestlemania 33, Cena proposed to Nikki. The moment was one of the biggest in wrestling history, and fans were excited that their favorite wrestling couple was tying the knot.

As Nikki began making wedding plans, she realized that she was happy about her upcoming nuptials. Nikki realized she wasn't ready to marry John and the couple broke up just weeks before their scheduled wedding.

New man

David Livingston/Getty

After her break up with John Cena, Nikki took some time for herself. But before too long, she was back in the dating game, and her new beau was Artem Chigvintsev.

Nikki was paired with Artem when she competed on the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars. The couple was a hit with viewers due to their chemistry, and many wondered if something was going on with the couple.

Nikki was engaged to John when she competed on the show and maintained she and Artem were just friends.

Artem continued to be a good friend to Nikki as she dealt with the aftermath of her break up with John. Eventually, the couple's friendship turned into a romance, and after months of speculation, they went public with their relationship.

Future plans for Nikki and Artem?


There's no denying that Nikki and Artem are in love.

The couple isn't shy about posting a photo together on social media. Artem has won the seal of approval from Nikki's family and fans.

As the couple's relationship continues to grow, the issue of marriage and children is topic of conversation.

Both Nikki and Artem have talked about how they would love to get married and have children.

However, fans may have to wait a while for a wedding and babies. Nikki and Artem are busy people, and as Nikki has said now is not the right time for kids.

But Nikki is planning ahead for when the time comes. The star recently revealed that she had frozen her eggs, and when the time's right, she'll start the process of becoming a mom.

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