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Nick Jonas to Replace Gwen Stefani on The Voice, Blake Shelton Not Happy

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By Zachary Holt

The turnover for The Voice and other talent shows like it seems to never end, even with some of the most seasoned panel judges, or in this case, coaches.

It was just recently announced that Nick Jonas, from the pop sensation band, The Jonas Brothers, would be replacing Gwen Stefan I in the upcoming season, leading Stefani's boyfriend, Blake Shelton, to have some choice words for the incoming coach and what he planned to do during their tenure working together on the show.

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Welcoming Tough Competition

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Fortunately, for Blake Shelton, his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, was not kicked off the show or fired, but instead chose to leave on her own accord to focus on her new residency in Las Vegas. So, there's no ill-will towards the show or any other the producers.

Shelton is more concerned with the tough competition he's now going to have to face on a regular basis when it comes to contestants deciding which coach to side with. To Shelton, he thinks maybe a little bit of intimidation might work in his favor.

"I'm gonna take it out on Nick Jonas," he told Extra. "He’s gonna be sitting there, new guy … I’m gonna bully him a little bit, to be honest."

How Can You Compete with Nick Jonas?

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Shelton's comments were all in fun, but he did share how difficult he thought it was going to be to compete against the likes of Nick Jonas, explaining, "I’m starting to hate the guy because I’m competing with him now,” Shelton quipped.

“He is a tough, tough guy to go against. When you turn your chair around and there’s a young person up there, and they’re trying to choose between me and then Nick Jonas sitting down there, I’m screwed almost every time. So yeah, he can kiss my a–– till the season’s over."

Possible Return by Gwen Stefani

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As for a possible return to The Voice by Stefani, Blake thinks it's likely. At what point, he's not sure. "So we’ll get Nick [Jonas] in there, and I’ll kick his a––, and then hopefully at some point we’ll bring Gwen back — or whoever it is — but I definitely don’t think we’ve seen the last of her on the show."

Whether or not she does come back, we'll have to wait and see. It's difficult to determine who's going to be sticking around and who's leaving, even with the longest-tenured coaches.

Gwen's Statement on Her Exit

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Stefani was on The Voice for four seasons, somewhat of an accomplishment in an era where shows are always trying to add new faces and ramp up interest for the new seasons. She made a statement, though, sharing the wonderful time that she had on the show.

"We've had so much fun together," Stefani proclaimed. "What a great group of human beings. It never gets old, this show … To be back four times, it’s a miracle. Hopefully, maybe I will be back one day, we will see … If not, thank you guys for watching."

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