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Liam Hemsworth sports a grey colored suit and pant to match with a black inner T-shirt during an interview

Liam Hemsworth On A Date With His Alleged GF & Family Will Give You The Chills

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When it comes to celebrity lives, you can hope to expect the unbelievable things happening. For instance, Liam Hemsworth and his ex-wife, Miley Cyrus, were barely done with their divorce proceedings when reports of her hooking up with a woman stormed the internet. This was a sad period for fans of both parties, but as time went on, things went back to normal. Although Cyrus has gone into two different relationships since her divorce, Hemsworth has been taking things slowly.

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It is not shocking to see that the actor is moving on with his life, and fans are more than excited. Recently, the Australian actor was spotted having a lovely lunch date with members of his family and shockingly, Gabriella Brooks, who is an Australian model. According to the photos published by Dailymail, Brooks was captured on camera hugging Hemsworth's mother, Leonie, right before they sat down to have their lunch. Some other pictures showed Hemsworth with a huge smile on his face. From the photos, it is safe to say that the actor is back on his feet.

Liam Hemsworth dazzles in a casual black jacket and denim pant to match
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For weeks now, people have speculated that Hemsworth and Brooks are in a romantic relationship, but this is not the first time the 29-year-old has been spotted with another woman amid his divorce. In late October, the actor was caught engaging in passionate PDA on camera with "Dynasty" actress, Maddison Brown. Some sources alleged that the duo was romantically involved but taking things slowly. The actor's sister-in-law, Elsa Pataky revealed that he was not only broken by the divorce but disappointed.


Hemsworth took to his Instagram page in August and addressed the report of him and Cyrus splitting up. Some days later, the actor filed for a divorce and that was the last time he talked about it. In the post, he wished his ex-wife the best and happiness as she moves forward. The news of their breakup shocked everyone, especially after an amazing wedding ceremony.

While fans are still unsure if Brooks and Hemsworth are truly in a romantic relationship, they are hoping that the actor is willing to take another shot at love.

Liam Hemsworth sports all black outfit to an awards show and he looks fantastic
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While there may be love in the air for the "Thor" actor, things may be heating up with his ex-lover. A source revealed that since their separation, Hemsworth and Cyrus have not spoken to each other, but it seems like they will be doing more of that very soon. Another source recently confirmed that the duo may be engaging in a court brawl very soon as they finalize their divorce. According to the paperwork, Hemsworth has been given till January 21, 2020, to submit his case paperwork to the court.

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