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New Developments Cast Shame Upon Police Department In Murdered College Student Case

By Ben Robinson III

When an eighteen year old Barnard College student, Tessa Majors, was senselessly murdered last week society was immediately thrown into a fit of shock and awe. This poor young woman had no prior run-ins with the law and was a Freshman starting out her collegiate journey, only to meet a tragic ending in a New York City park just days before the Holidays began. And now, rumors surrounding the reason for her demise are causing a firestorm of controversy.

Unsplash | David von Diemar

Fox News reported on the tragedy when the news first broke. Apparently Majors' body was discovered with multiple stab wounds on Wednesday, however people were confused about exactly the reason behind the crime. Soon it came to light that Majors was murdered because she was allegedly out looking for marijuana. And though that may have brought a sense of closure for authorities her family is speaking out and defending their late daughter's reputation by shaming those who are trying to defame her name.

Gettyimages | Jeenah Moon

The family of murdered college student Tessa Majors is speaking out Monday against claims from a New York City police union boss that she was looking to buy marijuana around the time of her death, calling them “deeply inappropriate” and “irresponsible”. Majors, an 18-year-old freshman at Barnard College, was found stabbed to death Wednesday inside Manhattan’s Morningside Park. Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins on Sunday suggested that Majors was in the park because she was looking for marijuana – and his union is now engaged in a war of words with Mayor Bill de Blasio over those claims.

Unsplash | Jermaine Ee

And that's not all. The person accused of murdering Majors is only thirteen years old.

Police have released few details surrounding the circumstances of Majors' stabbing, but have arrested and charged a 13-year-old boy with second-degree murder, first and second-degree robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

Though Mayor Bill De Blasio is speaking out on the tragedy while trying to find answers he's also facing criticism for his words. And in a recent tweet from the Sergeant Benevolent Association, they let their opinions be heard.

Gettyimages | Drew Angerer

“You’ve weaken the NYPD. This young lady should still be alive. Tell the TRUTH Bill. Tell New Yorkers what really happens in the streets of NYC. This girl was an innocent victim. YOU have created chaos! Tell the truth!” it said.

This is a terrible tragedy for all involved, however, it is the responsibility of the police department to bring peace and understanding into the situation. There should be no room for shaming or victim-blaming, and hopefully, they can come to a resolution that won't bring any further drama to the forefront.

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