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Actor, Macaulay Culkin dazzles in a co-operate blue suit with black sneakers to match

Macaulay Culkin Is A Natural Prank Genius! Here's Why

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Favour

From his childhood, Macaulay Culkin has always had the energy for pranks that felt very real. He is the star actor from "Home Alone," which is one of the best child movies of all time. Although the actor has seldom been on the screens for many years now, that does not mean that he doesn't know how to make an entrance. The 39-year-old actor put a smile on his fans' faces when he assisted in pulling an amazing prank that was later termed Home Alone-ish.

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The actor who played the role of Kevin McCallister in a popular Christmas series decided to help a NASA engineer known as Mark Rober pull a stunt which was not only hilarious but fantastic for fans to watch. The stunt involved the duo setting glitter bomb traps for people who came to steal deliveries from people's home porches. The trap was made in the form of headphone devices and placed carefully at people's doorsteps. The trigger would happen when someone opens the device, therefore sending an alarm to the owner of the delivery.

WIth an amazing smile on his face, Macaulay Culkin sports a brown color suit with a black inner T-shirt with match
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To capture the expression on the faces of those who would fall, victim, Culkin decided to set about four camera phones on recording and placed them carefully inside the delivery. This was such an amazing plan and a lot of people fell victim to this prank.

Mark Rober admitted that the prank was borne out of "Home Alone," in which Culkin acted as the little boy setting the traps for burglars who came into his home when his parents were out of the house.


Rober and Culkin seemed to have a swell time making these prank bombs and fans were astonished. A video of the process was shared on social media, and there, fans saw Culkin coughing hard after getting a whiff of the bomb scent. His face became very red and this made everyone laugh at the prank master. When he was asked, what made him make these prank bombs, the YouTube star mentioned that he had earlier caught a woman trying to get away with a parcel that was left on his porch.

Macaulay Culkin looks amazing in a well tailored red suit with black a black inner T-shirt and red plastic frame glasses to match
Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth

Unknown to her, Culkin was watching her from the security footage inside the house and he made a report to the police. However, no action was taken on their end, so he decided to make the pranks to teach the thieves a lesson.

Earlier in the month, Disney made an announcement that they will be bringing "Home Alone," back to the small kids and several amazing characters will be starring in the new movie. Although this is exciting news, it is sad to hear that Macaulay Culkin will not be part of this reboot.

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