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Leah Messer rocks in a floor-sweeping blue silk dress with a white purse to match

Teen Mom 2: Clash Between Leah Messer And A Fan Goes Viral!

Gettyimages | Rick Diamond
By Favour

The show called "Teen Mom" is an American television reality show by MTV. This was the first spinoff show for "16 And Pregnant," and it has remained one of the most viewed shows in America. This show centers on young mothers who try to go through the reality of motherhood with or without the support of their immediate family members and even lovers. The first four seasons of this show was aired between December 8, 2009 ad October 9, 2012. In March 23, 2015, another season began and right now, they have aired eight seasons in total.

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One of the most prominent faces on the show is Leah Messer. Fans love and adore Messer for her agility and beauty, but that does not mean that they would fail to criticize her when the need arises. Presently, the reality star is being dragged and heavily criticized by fans who insist that Messer should do better with her kids. Right now, the word many fans are using to describe her kids is "Undisciplined."

How did this uproar begin on Twitter and why is Messer at the center of it all? Let's find out.

Leah Messer looking gorgeous in a knee-length purple dress with front zip
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Fans' attention was called to the behavior of Messer's kids when the official Twitter account of the show, shared a video of the show's reunion special set to air on December 17, 2019. Under the comment section of this post, a fan commented that Messer's kids were not well behaved. Messer is a mother to Adalynn Faith Calvert, Aleeah Grace and Aliannah Hope.

It seemed like a lot of fans were supportive of this comment as it attracted hundreds of likes in some minutes.

Leah Messer looks dazzling in a see-through dress with silver designs and fur beside ex-husband Jeremy, who is dressed in grey suit and pant to match
Gettyimages | David Crotty

Another fan went on to say that he kids should not be blamed because their mother had not given them any other training. This is quite hurtful to hear, but it is true that fans have openly criticized the "Teen Mom 2" star about the way she brings up her kids.

Early last month, when everyone was in the spirit of Halloween, Messer shared a cue picture of her daughter, Aleeah Grace, dressed like Ariana Grande. This attracted several backlashes on Messer as fans believed that the outfit was inappropriate for a nine years old child.

Leah Messer looking amazing in a close view shot from the paparazzi, revealing her beautiful blue eyes
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

The problem was not the costume as many fans pointed out, but the make-up that Aleeah Grace had on. Many believed that it was not an appropriate way for a girl at that age to dress. She also had on big round earrings and eye-liner, which made her eyes pop.

After Messer was called out by several fans, there was a happy moment when some fans talked about how her kids were all grown-up and looking gorgeous. One fan commented that the twins look a lot like Messer and that they are growing really fast.

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