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Kim, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, and Kourtney at an event

Let's Finally Put This Kardashian Rumor To Bed After 'KUWTK' Finale

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By Kay Lewis

This week’s season finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has been a rough one. They tackled several issues that played out in the media earlier in the year. This included the drama with Tristan Thompson, Khloe, and Jordyn Woods. Kourtney’s lack of motivation when it comes to filming the show and pulling her weight. And, last but not least, Corey Gamble trying to force his way into the mix when he claimed he would “whop P’s a**” is she hit him the way she hit that nanny.

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One of the main topics of conversation on the show and in the media is the paternity of Khloe’s father. Many have speculated that the tallest sister of the bunch is not Robert Kardashian’s child, but rather O.J. Simpson’s child from a love affair with Kris Jenner back in the 80s. This rumor has been circulating basically since the family began to get really famous. Khloe and Kris have constantly had to defend the fact that not only is she a legitimate Kardashian, she also just looks more like her mom’s side of the family.

O.J. Simpson leaving courthouse
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But last night’s episode should finally put this vile, disrespectful rumor to sleep indefinitely. It wasn’t enough that O.J. Simpson himself came out and said there is no way Khloe can be his daughter but even Kris has taken steps to prove that rumor is just that; a rumor. The girls all dressed up as one another and stayed in character during confessionals and at dinner. Kim dressed up as Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall swapped, and Khloe and Kris played one another.

Kris Jenner at the MET Gala
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It was scary just how much Kris looked like Khloe. She put on the long platinum blond wig, big sunglasses, and snatched her waist as tight as she could. Khloe rocked a wig styled in Kris’ signature haircut; she even had a few lines that Kris apparently has said in the past. "Kylie you can sit next to me, because you are my favorite and you make a billion dollars...I have my Kylie, my billion-dollar baby. Now she will always be the dearest to my heart for a billion reasons." Whoa, shots fired.

Khloe on Watch What Happens Live
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That wasn’t even the best part. It was that Kris looked exactly like Khloe. She could have walked down the street in costume, and no one would be the wiser. Where in her does anyone see Simpson? Khloe in returned looked so much like her mom we can only assume this was what Kris looked like when she was bopping and thot-ing back in the day. While this little exercise was only for the day (and probably only for the show) it was well worth the laughs.


And, it put another nail in the O.J. daddy coffin. Kris has always maintained that Khloe looks like her side of the family. This is just another three-pointer for momager Kris, so how about we just call it quits finally. Not only is the conversation old at this point, it can also be solved with a simple paternity test but the fact that Kris and Khloe couldn’t care less is speaking volumes. Can we find a new rumor to focus on? Or, better yet, just let the family be. They are clearly not going anywhere and they are some of the few famous AND rich people using her status to help others.

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