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A picture of Blake Shelton during a red carpet interview putting on a casual jacket with inner stripes T-shirt and pant to match

Blake Shelton's Friend Gives Some Insight Into The Country Musician's Relationship with Gwen Stefani

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This is not the first time that news surrounding Blake Shelton and his love life has come up in media outlets and neither will it be the last. The love with Shelton and Gwen Stefani is not only intoxicating, but it is also beautiful and genuine. The couple is not about rushing each other into making decisions, but everywhere they go, they remind people that love always triumphs no matter what. Love also is not about being cute always, it is also about being available for one another and that is what this couple has been all about.

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For four years now, fans have watched these lovers grow into better versions of themselves, support one another and remain goofy on and off-screen. It is quite amazing to watch how patient and loving two people who have very busy lives to lead, still appreciate each other and enjoy each other's company. Some people would say that is Shelton and Stefani were a book, it would not be difficult to study them. The couple is all about transparency and dedication, and this is why fans always love hearing about them.

During a concert, Shelton stuns in a casual T-shirt and blue denim pant to match
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Not only do fans love hearing about them, their mutual friends are also psyched that they found each other. You would recall that Shelton was once married to Miranda Lambert, but after a while, the couple decided to split up. Now, not only did they split up, their divorce was publicized and it left fans wondering what step the ex-lovers would take from there. It took a while before Shelton decided to be in the love triangle again, but after all, we have seen for four years now, he is quite sure that he made the perfect decision to be with Stefani.

Blake Shelton looking amazing in a blue jacket with stripes T-shirt with Gwen Stefani rocking a grey sweater and pant to match
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Recently, one of Shelton's friends shared his thoughts on the singer's relationship with Stefani, and it was almost like the singer had found an angel; although he has. People magazine decided to carry out a survey on the couple's love life and sources revealed that the relationship between Stefani and Shelton is quite different and special compared to what he had with Lambert. This is because the "God's Country" singer has become a father to Stefani's children and created a special bond with her.

Blake Shelton in casual jacket and denim pants, holding Gwen Stefani who is dressed in a golden see-through low-cut dress.
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The sources also mentioned that Shelton's relationship with Stefani is quite different that that of Lambert because of friendship. The country musician and fashion icon got to be good friends first before they divulged into anything romantic, so they are more of a long-term basis couple. This was not the same with Lambert as Shelton met her when he was still married to Kaynette Gern. The singer later revealed that he had fallen in love with Lambert the moment he met her, so when they began a relationship, of course, they had no chance to be good friends.

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