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Bam Margera Shares Glowing Photo With His Son After Their Flight Was Cancelled

Gettyimages | Gilbert Carrasquillo
By Clark Sparky

It's been a rough year for Bam Margera after suffering through ups and downs involving substance abuse, so a cancelled flight likely isn't going to get him too upset. The "Jackass" star seemed in good spirits in an Instagram photo with his son, Phoenix, that was snapped at a Motor Inn.

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In the image, he is standing behind his son with a glowing light illuminating their faces to creepy effect. Of course, his Bentley is positioned perfectly in the background, creating a great juxtaposition in front of a cheap motel.

Fans flocked to the comments with reactions.

"That child is so loved and he looks so happy all the time it’s such a wonderful thing bless you all for everything you’ve been through and that wonderful little child you have," one said.

"I would not leave that car there," another fan joked.

"That whip at the motor inn is funny lmao," someone else wrote.

"Hey Bam- happy for you. I’m glad you addressed your issues. You look happy for the first time in years," replied another person.


Margera had a self-described nervous breakdown over the summer, which led to him seeking help from Dr. Phil.

His mother, April, explained at the time what was going on with her son.

"For him, he’s just gone off the rails, and I don’t think he can handle what’s going on. So if he reached out to Dr. Phil cause he’s seen Dr. Phil’s show, I mean so be it," she said. "Do we want to really air all this stuff? No, not really, but you know, if that’s what he wants to do and that’ll help him get some help, then I think we’ve come up with a good plan. Between the Jackass guys and Dr. Phil, it’s a whole community of people."

Margera talked about how much his son has meant to him through his struggles.

"He is the raddest kid ever. He’s so interested in skateboarding. I have all these toys everywhere and he just goes right to the skateboard. He’s like my best friend and I’ve known him for not even two years," Margera said on Dr. Phil while becoming emotional.. “He’s perfect."I can’t even put into words. Like, I would dive into any train or anything and get stabbed or shot or whatever just to make sure he didn’t."

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