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Kim Kardashian is seen in a shiny revealing dress with a light make-up on her face

Kim Kardashian Faced Complications After The Birth Of Her Third Child, North West

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Pregnancy for some people is a beautiful experience because it is evidence that motherhood is real and beautiful. However, there have been many cases of irrevocable differences after pregnancy and this has made some mothers not remain themselves. There are several celebrity moms who went through a great deal to bring their children into the world but still had to face some obstacles after births. Kim Kardashian is one of those moms and she has come out recently to share her ordeal.

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For several years now, Kardashian and her husband, Kanye West have been the trending topic on several tabloids. Sometimes, it solely has to do with the rapper and other times, it has to do with the 'KUWTK' star. Either way, fans are always glad to get a bit of insider information about this couple and what is happening in their lives.

Now, the highlight of the week is Kardashian's pregnancy journey. The mother-of-four revealed recently that she went through an ordeal after the birth of her third child and we are happy to share that with everyone.

Kim Kardashian stuns as always in a white long-sleeved dress with her hair styled into a pony-tail
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According to the reality star, she had to go through five major surgeries to repair the damage on and in her body by the pregnancy. Prior to this, she had surrogates carry two of her children, Chicago and Saint, but for the third pregnancy, she changed her mind. During a campaign video for 'SKIMS,' the 39-year-old stated that her doctors diagnosed her with toxemia, also known to specialists as preeclampsia. In other words, Kardashian was not in any way supposed to be pregnant, let alone go through a pregnancy.

Kim Kardashian sports a knee-length red dress with a side slit and transparent mules to match
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However, the doctors came up with a solutions, and that was to give birth to the baby as soon as possible. She recalled that she was barely 35 weeks pregnant when the doctors induced her and that made her go into an emergency labor. She further explained that after her daughter had successfully been born, there was another complication she had to face. The doctors found out that the placenta did not come out with the child, but was stuck in Kardashian's uterus, which was very dangerous as it kept growing.

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"That is what women die from in childbirth," she said.

Later on, Kardashian got pregnant again with Saint West and she talked about going through the same horrible experience as she did before. However, this time around, after the baby was born, she had to got back to the hospital at different times within a year, for five different surgeries. After her surgeries were complete and she was recovering, her doctors explicitly told her that they would not be assisting her in getting pregnant again.

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