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Kim Kardashian Reveals the Potentially Lethal Complications She Experienced Giving Birth to North and Saint

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By Zachary Holt

Pregnancies, while being the essence of life, can also take them. This was almost the case with Kim Kardashian as she revealed during the births of her first child with Kanye West, North, and their second, Saint, she experienced severe complications that could have taken her life.

The KUWTK star provided an intense and private account of the issues she went through not only during the birthing process but afterward, as she had multiple surgeries over the course of several years to repair the damage.

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Complications with the Birth of North

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What should have been one of the most exciting times for Kardashian and West turned into almost the worst-case scenario.

Kardashian went on in a very candid and vulnerable position to say, "When I was pregnant with my daughter, North, I had a condition called pre-eclampsia or toxemia, which is basically when the mom’s organs start to shut down."

The result as potentially tragic for both Kim and the unborn baby, North. She continued, "The only way to get rid of that is to deliver the baby. At 34-and-a-half weeks I had to go into emergency labor; they induced me. She was almost six weeks early."

Continued Problems after the Birth

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Even after North was born, Kardashian wasn't out of the clear yet. She then had to deal with another potentially lethal diagnosis called Placenta Accretia.

Kim explained, "[I] delivered, my placenta never came out, so that’s called placenta accretia. My placenta grew inside my uterus and that is what women die from in child birth."

Kim and Kanye did not want this to be the only child, though. So again, they tried and were ultimately successful in getting pregnant, this time with their first son, Saint.

More of the Same Trouble

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Despite hoping that the second round of pregnancies would lead to better outcomes, the West family dealt with familiar blows.

"I had the same condition and the same awful delivery that I had with my first daughter," Kim lamented."

But even after she had Saint, there was so much damage to her internal organs that she was forced to undergo five surgeries to correct and repair that damage. She shared, "five different operations within a year and a half to fix the damage that all of that did from the inside."

This was despite the fact that she was still filming and shooting various shows.

All Is Well and Safe

It's understandable that even after all Kim and her family went through, they still wanted to have more kids. However, the risk was simply too much for them to take on. The couple did find a solution, though.

For their two subsequent children, Chicago and Psalm, they were able to find a surrogate. There were no complications with these respective births and both were healthy when they were born.

Pregnancies and births are not always perfect, and most times, difficult in some way or the other. We're just glad that Kim has gotten through these tough times and now have four healthy kids to raise.

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