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Reese Witherspoon at an HBO event

A Look At Reese Witherspoon's Career, After Her Recent Nomination

Gettyimages | Frederick M. Brown
By Sarah Veldman

She's known as America's sweetheart, a talented actress, and most likely has to ask people to stop calling her Elle Woods.

Reese Witherspoon has had a crazy successful year, and this week has been one of her best. She was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Drama Actress thanks to her role in The Morning Show. She was nominated along with her co-star in the show Jennifer Aniston.

Reese was also given the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award for her production career at The Hollywood Reporter's Women In Entertainment Gala.

So, it's safe to say she's having a really good week on top of her already thriving career trajectory.

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Her Big Break In Legally Blonde


While Reese was already an established actress by the time she starred in Legally Blonde, this was the movie that really put her on the map in Hollywood.

In it, she played Elle Woods, a dumb blonde who goes to Harvard to win back her boyfriend, and ends up carving out her own career path as a lawyer.

It was an iconic role that will forever make everyone think of her character every time we see something pink.

Not only that, but the movie was a big step for feminism.

She Almost Didn't Get The Part


Reese almost didn't get the part in the iconic Legally Blonde movie, and recently talked about this in the Hollywood Reporter's Women In Entertainment issue.

After watching her play Tracy in the 1999 movie Election, executives were worried Reese couldn't play the bubbly, lively character of Elle Woods.

She recalls this saying, “They thought I was a shrew. My manager finally called and said, ‘You’ve got to go meet with the studio head because he will not approve you. He thinks you really are your character from 'Election' and that you’re repellent.’ And then I was told to dress sexy."

She continued, “And you’re 23, you have a baby at home, you need the money and you’re being told that by people who know what they’re doing. It’s funny to think of all the things we were told to do back then because now you’re thinking, ‘Oh God, if somebody told my daughter to do that, she’d be like, I really hope you’re joking.’”

Her Own Production Company

reese witherspoon at an HBO event
Gettyimages | Monica Schipper

With the difficulty older women in Hollywood have at being able to find roles, Reese decided she would not sit back and allow this.

Her production company Pacific Standard started buying up novels that had strong female leads. The first major movie was Gone Girl, and after coming out in 2014, it earned $369.3 million.

Another major hit for her production company that also starred a strong female lead was Wild, and Reese herself played the main character, Cheryl Strayed.

Her Major Television Shows

reese witherspoon during an interview
Gettyimages | Marla Aufmuth

Reese has taken on television roles recently, with both being incredibly successful and female-driven.

Big Little Lies, is an HBO series about a murder that takes place in a small town in California. The cast features a whole host of female leads, including Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern, and Nicole Kidman.

Her most recent role is in The Morning Show, alongside Jennifer Aniston. Both women have received nominations for a Golden Globe for their roles in the popular show.

Reese has had a long and successful career in Hollywood, proving to everyone how strong and confident she has grown to be.

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