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'Temptation Island' Recap: Do Ashley & Rick Stay Together?

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By Gary Trock

The first round of final bonfires are underway on "Temptation Island," and fans now know the fate of at least one of the couples after their time spent in paradise. After the last episode, we were witnessed the final dates with the couples and singles, and everyone's final attempt at trying to lock down a romance or set up a plan to save their love during the final bonfire. The first two couples up for bonfire are going to be Rick and Ashley and David and Kate ... so things should get interesting!

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In Thursday's episode, we once again see that Casey is actually going to try and propose to Ashley H during their bonfire, and apparently he's the only one on the island who can't see what a disaster it will be, seeing as Ashley is in love with Ben.

In fact, when Mark Walberg lets everyone know that they will be preparing for the final bonfires, Ashley even tells Ben that she's not going to let Casey talk her into anything.

Ashley & Rick

Ashley and Rick are the first couple up at the final bonfire, and it's clear that they both are still unsure where their relationship stands. Rick talks first and talks to Ashley about his relationship with Medinah, as well as what he's learned as a person while on "Temptation Island." Rick feels like he's grown and learned a lot and he's truthful when he admits that Ashley's hookup with KB was hurtful.

Ashley, on the other hand, says she's learned to stand up for herself more after being on "Temptation Island," but is still unsure about leaving with Rick

"I figured I would understand what is next for us, and honestly I still really don’t," she explains to Walberg.

After Rick tells Ashley that he forgives her for getting it on with KB, the couple kisses and ends up leaving the island together. Rick flashes a smile and lets Ashley know, "We good now," as their car leaves "Temptation Island."

David & Kate

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After the romance is reignited between Ashley and Rick, it's time to give David and Kate a shot ... but something tells us it's not going to be the same result.

Kate starts off with telling Mark Walberg that she feels like a brand new girl with confidence and is ready to tell David how she really feels. "Right now I feel really strong and comfortable in my own skin, and found this new confidence, and almost this brand new girl who is truly ready to take on the world," she said.

When David arrives, the mood is definitely awkward. Kate gets to speak first and winds up slowly by talking about herself and her worth, before unleashing on David and letting him know "I think you selfishly and cowardly brought me here for your own gains."

When it's David's turn to talk, he apologizes for hooking up with everyone on the island and begins to list all the action he experienced while being single on "Temptation Island." Kate couldn't stay silent and exclaimed, "You don’t have to tell all of America that you just whored yourself out."

It definitely catches David by surprise, but we'll have to wait until next week to find out if the two actually end up together -- they probably don't. Plus, we'll get to see Casey's final attempt at winning over Ashley H!

"Temptation Island" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.

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