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Sarah Ferguson has on a beautiful striped green hat with body-con green dress and a brown purse to fit,

Sarah Ferguson Shows Unwavering Support For The Duchess Of Sussex!

Gettyimages | Pool/Max Mumby
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If there is anyone who knows what it feels like to be hounded by people after being married to a royal, it is Sarah Ferguson. The 60-year-old ex-wife of Prince Andrew recently showed her support and sympathy for the Duchess of Sussex. Recently, while in an interview with Vogue Arabia, Ferguson mentioned that she knew what it felt like to be accessed and talk about in the media, so she had the sympathy of Meghan Markle who recently married into the royal family.

Here, Sarah Ferguson has on a long black dress with a side split at the UnicefUSA event
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Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, have always talked about the negativity from media homes in and out of the United Kingdom, but this acts continues on a daily basis.

Ferguson was formerly married to the famous Prince Andrew, and during their relationship, she made several headlines on news outlets every day. This continued till their separation in 1992 and that marked her estrangement from members of the royal family. It was once reported that Ferguson and her former flame, Prince Andrew were getting back together, but this remained a rumor till date.

Sarah Ferguson is seen in a yellow dress with v-shaped neck and a green feathered hat
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Speaking in the interview, Ferguson mentioned that she could relate with what Markle was going through, as this was one of the perks that came with being attached to the royal family. She also went on to imply that Markle was simply trying to adjust to her new life, as she lived a completely different one before she became married to the Prince. Many people may not know this, but Markle has always lived a modern life and she was once a popular actress in the Hollywood industry.

Sarah Ferguson seen waving her hand, wearing a pink long dress with an amazing creme color hat and brown clutch to match.
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Moving on in the interview, Ferguson was asked if she had any advice to give the Duchess, but she declined, saying that her words are always taken out of context. However, she will not fail to mention that she has walked the path that Markle was threading, and the best she can do for herself, is continue to be positive in the midst of negativity.

Before the interview came to a wrap, Ferguson revealed that during her time as a married royal, she failed to handle the criticizing in the best way.

Sarah Ferguson is seen in a red colored long dress with black pumps to match.
Gettyimages | Mike Marsland

"I eventually self-sabotaged." she said. She went on to say that she had no idea, what her actions at that time would cost her and it did cost her a lot of things. According to her, it felt like she was unlovable, and these ideas planted in her head, made her take drastic actions. Vogue Arabia was quick to commend Ferguson on her time as a British monarch, but she gave credits to the Late Princess Diana. She mentioned that the Princess of Wales made her stay in the the family full of bliss.

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