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Kendall Jenner Poses at an event in a strapless dress

Kendall Jenner's Holiday Bra Makes Instagram Sweat

Gettyimages | Ryan Emberley/amfAR
By Rebecca Cukier

Kendall Jenner's holiday-inspired bra is making Instagram sweat. The supermodel took to Instagram on Tuesday for a Calvin Klein promo – and it wasn't showing off the iconic brand's jeans.

Kendall's double update showed her rocking a red-and-black, plaid sports bra as she posed in two low-key snaps. The first showed the 24-year-old indoors and in front of a rack holding a jacket. The second saw Kendall holding a camera up to her face as the main lens snapped her.

That goddess body has been driving Instagram nuts ever since the post went live.

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Instagram Loses It


19 hours after going live, Kendall's post had racked up over 3.5 million likes. The world's highest-paid supermodel raked in over 8,600 comments in the same time frame. Unsurprisingly, not many people seemed out to slam the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

"Hi cute monkey!!!!! came from fellow model Gigi Hadid.

"Damn babe ur lookin good," a fan wrote.

"Perfection," another added.

With a pajama feel to the matching pants, this look definitely nailed trendy athleisurewear at its finest. Kendall attended Calvin Klein's holiday party yesterday – and yes, she wore the outfit.

How Much Did It Earn Her?

Giphy | Bunim/Murray Productions

Kendall's younger sister Kylie is now commanding up to $1 million per sponsored Instagram post. With 119 million followers, Kendall's grip on the digital space isn't quite the Kylie Cosmetics CEO's one, but it isn't far off.

Kendall's fee for her post is almost certainly set to have been upwards of $500,000 – possibly more.

It's also worth noting that Kendall's promotional posts seem to be eating up a significant proportion of her feed. Recent posts from the model have included a Proactiv promo, a Formawell Beauty one, plus an ad for luggage brand Longchamps.

Not All Promos Go Down Well For Kendall

Giphy | ADWEEK

The pattern is usually pretty simple. Kendall goes live with her #partner or #ad, and Instagram loses its mind over the willowy-limbed brunette's smile, insane abs, and sensational waistline.

Social media has its limits, though. Most-criticized have been Kendall's promotions for acne-fighting skincare brand Proactiv. Users have, by the masses, suggested that Kendall doesn't use the product herself, with the model further being slammed following her "raw" announcement back In January. Social media didn't seem too keen on Kendall recalling having been trolled over her blemishes at the 2018 Golden Globes. They definitely didn't dig the video's ending as Jenner turned to mention Proactiv.

Oh, and there was that Pepsi promo that went down like a lead balloon, too.

A 'Crazy Schedule' And No Way To 'Calm Down'

Kendall Jenner poses at the Vanity Fair party 2018
Gettyimages | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

The Instagram updates may show Kendall lying on a towel in the tiniest bikini the world ever saw, but the reality for this KarJenner is a never-ending carousel of red-eye flights, shoots, appearances, and interviews.

Speaking to Vogue, Kendall admitted that she still hasn't found a real way to wind down.

“I had a lot of people in the industry say to me, ‘I know you have a busy schedule—what do you do to stay calm, cool, and collected?’ I was like, ‘Um, nothing?’" she said.

But Calvin Klein Is Likely Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Giphy | FOX Teen Choice

However much Calvin Klein shelled out for Kendall to update the 'Gram in their gear, it was likely worth it. The clothing giant also has contracts with singer Justin Bieber and model Bella Hadid – both also update their social media in CK.

Kendall's current contracts also include Tiffany & Co., plus oral care brand Moon. If you haven't heard of the latter, that's the whole point. Kendall's job is to put the brand on the map (and its products in your shopping cart).

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